Bring Them On

Pres. Bush lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to win support for the plans he was already making before he was appointed President to invade the country. That is a proven fact regardless of what his few remaining supporters might try to tell you. The evidence has been documented that CIA agents were under orders that came directly from the White House to either ignore or tailor evidence that no weapons existed and that Iraq had no links to Osama Bin Laden. In addition, Pres. Bush knowingly referenced a forged document during his State of the Union address in the knowledge that he would never have a larger audience to put forth his lies about Iraq.

Pres. Bush was handed a budget surplus by Pres. Clinton. Long before the 9/11 attacks completely upended budgetary priorities, Bush had already made economic decisions that made a budget deficit before the 2004 elections a foregone conclusion. He took excess money and spent it like a drunken sailor all the while campaigning about good old-fashioned conservative fiscal responsibility.

Pres. Bush instituted a series of illegal spying and eavesdropping programs on law-abiding citizens of the United States after getting his Patriot Act passed, which effectively did away with many of the protections of civil liberties Americans have enjoyed for decades. It wasn’t enough to give himself legal powers never before enjoyed by a President, he also had to resort to criminal acts perpetrated upon American citizens who had never even been accused of a crime.

Pres. Bush became the first American President in history to forward a doctrine of foreign policy which explicitly stated that it would use pre-emptive force. In other words, Pres. Bush let it be known that under his leadership, so-called, America would for the first time in its history be willing to start a war with another country rather than engaging in a war only after being attacked first.

During the first three years of the Presidency of George W. Bush, almost three million Americans lost their jobs, becoming the first President to oversee a net loss of jobs since the Great Depression.

Despite a willingness to impinge on the authority of Congress and even other sovereign nations, Pres. Bush says the reason he didn’t act quicker to help the suffering of those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina is that the Governor of Louisiana didn’t ask for his help. (One need not think very hard to wonder why she didn’t want his help.)

There are some out there who think that these and a multitude of other failures of Pres. Bush is reason enough for him to be impeached. Unfortunately, the GOP Congress made it clear their first allegiance was to their party and not the people. The Democrat Congress is so scared of doing anything to lose what should by all rights be a Presidential election in 2008 they couldn’t possibly blow that they won’t even allow the word impeach to be spoken on the floors of Congress. Without impeachment there is no other possible way to remove a President from office in the United States. There are some who feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that Americans have no other choice but to protect America from any further damage that can be done under the “leadership” of George W. Bush by taking things into their own hands.