Halloween Costume Ideas Using the Color Red

The color red can be a startling statement that stands apart from the crowd. When it comes to Halloween, red is usually only used as an accessory in the form of blood. To stand out from the blacks and oranges and whites of ghosts, a costume constructed around the color red can really differentiate you. Not to mention that there are some really offbeat costume ideas that can be built upon the idea of a red costume.

The Obvious

One place to begin with a red costume idea is the obvious. Look around you for red objects and Halloween regulars. The single most obvious idea for a red costume is, of course, the devil. Going this route also makes sense because a devil costume can usually be found in any store that sells costumes. Another obvious idea that is not so plentiful is a lobster. Showing up in a lobster costume is definitely going to draw attention.

The Bad Sunburn

If you want to stick with the literal idea of a red costume while verging off the beaten path, think about showing up with a sunburn. Ah, but not just any sunburn. A sunburn works best with a contrast, so think about some creative ways you could create the contrast of white skin against red skin. Some ideas might include handprints or the shape of a bit sun umbrella. Better ideas would be your loved one’s face on your stomach or the shape. The important thing is to let your imagination run wild and to make sure the red makeup of the sunburn resembles a really deep singing of the skin.

Little Red Riding Hood

One of the most famous red costumes in history belongs to that little girl carrying goodies to her grandmother who got interrupted on her journey. Like almost every other female fairy tale character, Little Red Riding Hood now comes in various sexy forms. This is great for adult women looking to show not just red but red hot. Fortunately, there are also more conservative and traditional Red Riding Hood costumes for the more inhibited as well as for little girls.

Metaphoric Costumes

Red need not be entirely related to the color of the costume. Considering showing up as a communist, also known as reds. One idea would be to show up in period costume as Lenin, Trotsky, or Stalin. A more conceptual idea would be for a group to show up as blacklisted entertainers during the 1940’s and 50s. To really pull this off, it would be idea for another character to show up as red-baiter Joseph McCarthy. Fortunately, the official color of communism is red so you can enhance this metaphorical idea of a red costume with the more concrete idea of a red shirt with the Soviet hammer and sickle design. Also consider dressing up as Che Guevara, a costume choice that has become much easier to exploit than ever before.