What was Stan Lee Thinking!: Mindset and Mr. Mitzvah Are Gone from but Whip-Snap Remains?

Who Wants to be a Superhero is the only reality show on television that yours truly has ever watched an entire episode of. In fact, I have watched two and a half of the three episodes of this season and most of the seasons from the first season. I feel no guilt about breaking my self-imposed ban on my and my children watching reality shows because in the first place, Who Wants to Be a Superhero makes no claim toward presenting any kind of reality that exists outside the mind of Comic Book Guy. Secondly, the show feels more like an episode of a 1970s version of The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman or Spiderman than it does American Idol or Survivor. Stan Lee’s creation is pure entertainment, devoid of any pretensions toward shaping the minds of America’s youth by perpetrating the lie that competition is everything and everyone should be cutthroat in stabbing the other contestants in the back.

That being said, a sad fact must be faced. Only a few episodes in and already two of the most interesting contestant-Mindset and Mr. Mitzvah-are gone, and fans came perilously close to having to suffer through a fourth episode in which Ms. Limelight once again proved that Mindset was being hopelessly tactful when he accused her of merely acting dumb. Thankfully, Ms. Limelight has gone the way of Donald Rumsfeld, but that still leaves fan with two problems. To reiterate: the two most interesting contestants, Mindset and Mr. Mitzvah, are no more. Even more distressing is that the contestant even more annoying than Limelight not only somehow remains, but hasn’t even made it to the red box yet. (I don’t think. She may have made it on the first episode, I can’t remember.)

Why, exactly, is Whip-Snap is still around? She should have been given her ticket home after the first episode when she cried over not being able to do her job. She should have been given the boot in the second episode…when she cried over not being able to do her job. Notice a theme running here? In the most recent episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero prior to writing this, not only did Whip-Snap refuse to stand up to her fear and ride a wild rollercoaster, but she took the job of being the person who must speedily run around the park searching for stuff in the full knowledge that she has asthma and in no way could possibly contribute. Oh, and she cried again.

Am I alone here? As in baseball, there is no crying in crimefighting. It is hardly the end of the world, but with over half the season still to go for Who Wants to be a Superhero the only contestant with even the slightest modicum of personality left-frankly, I think he’s hilarious and hope he wins: Hyper-Strike. Sure, he’s even more gay than the actual gay contestant, but at least he can do a back flip. And he hasn’t once cried.That’s more than we can say for Whip-Snap. Here’s to hoping she joins her equally unqualified buddy Limelight…in the darkness.