What is Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)?

It is estimated that just 30% of women regularly experience an orgasm as the result of sexual intercourse. What that statistic means is that the woman who doesn’t have male partner who is willing to stick around in Dixie for as long as it takes usually goes unsatisfied. There is hope, however. And the extra added benefit is that this particular technique also is as close as you can get to experiencing simultaneous orgasms as well. The technical name for this miraculous cure for the orgasm blues is coital alignment technique, but you can call it CAT.

Achieving magnificent coital and simultaneous orgasms through CAT is all position and movement. First to the positioning, which is good old-fashioned missionary in style. The female lies down on her back and the man lies on atop her with the pelvic area slightly over the female’s. When the penis enters the vagina, it should press up against soft mound at the top of the vagina. The woman should then swathe her legs around he partner’s thighs, bending at no more than a 45-degree angle, with her ankles coming to a rest over the man’s calves. The man should take care not to support his weight with his hands or elbows, but rest fully atop the woman’s body. Depending on the size we’re talking about, this could potentially result in a fair amount of discomfort on the female’s part, but try to stick with it as long as you can before giving up.

Now for the movement. Although your sex life may reach the ultimate heights of orgasmic pleasure as a result of wild and wicked whipping around and an almost Twister-like pretzeling of body parts, the key to CAT orgasms is limited movement. The only bodily movements you need to concern yourself with during CAT sex is the movement of the pelvic area. Actually, once you manage to get yourself into the positioning required for CAT sex, you will discover that typical kind of back and forth movement you usually experience are practically impossible. It is the male whose job it is to set the rhythm of sex during the coital alignment technique. In CAT, the female’s movement is just as important as the male’s, unlike in tradition missionary sexuality.

Here’s how it is done: The woman moves her pelvis upward with enough force to push the male backward. During this movement, the male’s job is to ensure that he sustains counterpressure against the woman’s pelvis, specifically the clitoris. Next the woman forces her pelvis downward and the man responds by also pushing downward. Now it becomes the woman’s job to maintain counterpressure against the man’s penis. As the woman’s pelvis moves down and backward, the shaft of the man’s penis needs to rock forward so that is eases almost out of the vagina, while making sure it does not actually do so.

The trick to the CAT sexual technique is that the penis and clitoris remain inexorably bound together as a result of pressure and counterpressure in a way that can’t be done through typical sexual intercourse that focuses on the sliding of the penis all the way in and only partly out of the vaginal canal. During CAT, the sensation is more akin to a long, torrid kiss taking place between clitoris and penis rather than the image of a piston pumping back and forth. An even more apt image might be to compare CAT to how a level works. In addition, the thrusting of the pelvis creates a vibratory effect that many women will instantly recognize.

Now for the scientific news. Research conducted into CAT sex reveals that nearly every woman reports experiencing an orgasm that is significantly more intense than normal. Well over half also report that their libido increased and they wanted to increase their weekly dosage of intercourse.