Jon Voight is Stuck in a Time Warp

We all expressed concern when Jon Voight insisted on showing up at awards ceremonies wearing that ridiculous scarf. Apparently, Mr. Voight never got the memo that the 1970s had ended. There was something infinitely creepy about Jon Voight from the very beginning; he has a narcissistic quality not unlike that of Christopher Walken and we all know how creepy Mr. Walken became after The Deer Hunter. Of course, in Christopher Walken’s case the creepiness managed to become self-parodic and we could accept him as one of our own. It would not only be creepy beyond imagining, but downright horrific to ever accept Jon Voight as one of us. What would that make us? Yes, there has been a fear for decades now that Jon Voight was trapped in some prehistoric era and now that fear has been confirmed.

According to Jon Voight, a man who once engaged in an infamously explicit sex scene with the poster girl for conservative hatred Jane Fonda, America will become a socialist hell if Barack Obama gets elected. Mr. Voight wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times, the very same newspaper that joins in with Fox News and Joe Scarborough in burning people like Sean Penn and George Clooney at the stake for daring to use their celebrity to speak out on political issues (and the same folks who use their power to get “actors” like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger elected) in which he claimed that if Barack Obama gets elected he will join forces with his militant black buddies to turn America into a socialist state. He also went on to say that the media brainwashing young voters into backing Obama. Voight claims that the media is so successful at brainwashing young people that they can force this nation in any direction it wants and what it has always wanted is a liberal socialist state.

Okay, first things first. If the media is so successful at brainwashing and its goal is a socialist state, well, it has obviously failed miserably. I don’t fault Voight’s contention that the media does brainwash the majority of Americans. But anyone with even Voight’s excuse for a brain should be able to see that the direction this brainwashing has pushed these lemmings toward is not socialism, but rather the exact opposite. This country has become a neo-fascist state that is obsessed with a consumerist mentality and people are certainly not born with that predilection. They are taught it. By the media, by the educational system, and by politicians with no vision like, well, every single politician who can possibly get elected in this country. Secondly, what on earth makes Jon Voight think that Barack Obama has the power to transform this country into a socialist state when Barack Obama is, in Voight’s own words, “a man who falls short in every way.”

Jon Voight also claims that an Obama presidency would weaken American in every way such as it has never experienced before. I’m not exactly sure how America could come become any weaker since we aren’t even capable of winning a war against a country without an army after over five years, but surely if there is any candidate capable of weakening us more it is John McCain since he plans to change absolutely nothing about this country if he gets elected.

Yes, every time you saw Jon Voight arrive at an awards show wearing that humiliating scarf and felt that somehow he’d gotten stuck in time, you were right. Who knew, however, that he wasn’t stuck in the 1970s, but the 1950s. Yes, Jon Voight sees the greatest threat to America in the 21st as communism. Hey, Jon, take off that scarf, it’s apparently cutting off the oxygen flow to your brain.