Travel Ideas: Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a place that any kid would love because, after all, where the heck you going to see seven states while standing in one spot? Oh sure, there is that one little tiny spot out west where you straddle four states at once, but only one or two people can do that at any one time and, well, that’s only four states. At Lookout Mountain, we’re talking seven states at once that can be glimpsed by dozens or even hundreds of people at once.

Lookout Mountain is in Tennessee and, just in case you didn’t figure it out, it’s a mountain. Okay, in all honesty, Lookout Mountain is a molehill, but in the grand scheme of things, especially in the flatter portions of Dixie, Lookout Mountain is a majestic plateau that rises into the warm southern sky near Chattanooga. It is also quite near the northwestern tip of Georgia and the northeastern quadrant of Alabama. Well, let’s see, that’s three states. But Lookout Mountain presents itself as a spot from which you can peer off into the distance and set your gaze upon seven states, so what are the other four states?

The promotional material for Lookout Mountain suggests than in addition to George, Alabama and Tennessee, on really clear days you can see way off in the distance the land that belongs to the citizens of Kentucky, Virginia, and both South Carolina and North Carolina. If you want to be completely and brutally honest with your kids you’ll have to tell them on top of the mountain that maybe they are not necessarily seeing those states, but if you want to make their trek up the mountain one they will be remember for a lifetime then go ahead and let them think they saw the land of George Washington and Daniel Boone. Who is going to know the difference by the time your kids reach adulthood, right?

What really makes Lookout Mountain a destination spot that kids will enjoy is that there is more to it than the mountain itself. But you’ll have to come back later to See Rock City.