Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys


The world is divided into two classes of people. Those who make their own Halloween costumes for their kids and those who buy Halloween costumes for kids. If you are of the latter variety, check out these newest Halloween costumes. Before the wonderful year of 2008 rolled around (wonderful because it meant we were only a year away from taking at least a baby step of retrieving democracy back for America after the fascism of Herr Bush) you could not get these Halloween costumes for your kids. Of course, these are allegedly intended for male children, but don’t let that stop you, Jill!

The Joker.

Interestingly enough, the adult costume featuring the Joker from the Dark Knight looks kind of silly and cheap, but the cheaper children’s Joker costume actually comes across pretty cool. This one comes with an admittedly creepy mask, as well as the purple jacket and pants, the green vest and the shirt. You probably don’t want to entrust the ability of your adult friends to not laugh at you wearing a Joker costume, and I mean laugh in the wrong sense, but if you’ve got a kid, they may just be the hit of the trick or treat circuit.

Deluxe Indiana Jones.

Same deal goes here. While the adult Indiana Jones costumes look really cheap and cheesy, the kid’s Halloween costume for Indy is incredibly cool. You may have seen this one in your local Target or on the internet. The shirt is attached to Indy’s shirt and this costume actually comes with the hat and the pants and you get a really cool whip cheap. Any kid would look dangerous in this Indiana Jones Halloween costume.

Zombie Child.

For older kids who a parent wouldn’t mind looking genuinely creepy as all get out, you can’t do better than the Zombie Child. The mask for this thing really does look like something out of a George Romero movie and, of course, you get the standard business suit and tie attire that seems to be de rigueur for all zombies these days.

Evil Outlaw Child.

Again, if you don’t mind your kid freaking out the neighbors, this particular weird Halloween costume will do the trick. Featuring not another creepy mask, but an astonishing neckerchief that features a masklike appearance, this one will make your kid look like he just rose from the grave at Boot Hill in Tombstone. Probably got killed by Wyatt Earp, the butthole.

Green Elf.

Perhaps the single scariest costume you will see this or any other Halloween. Remember that movie featuring Will Farrell as a six feet tall elf? Well, you kid will look like a four feet tall elf, but everything being equal you won’t be able to distinguish the rugrat who sleeps under your roof from Will Farrell.