Product Review: ISatori Energize Pills

I bought a container of iSatori Energize pills because they advertised themselves as providing all day energy and calorie reduction. One of the only intelligent reviews of this product that I found on the internet was courtesy of an Associated Content producer named Freakmama and her glowing review gave me some real hope that this would be a boon to my recent utter lack of energy. Yeah, I know, if I can produce thirty to fifty articles a week while experiencing an energy lag, what would I be able to accomplish if I was bouncing off the walls? Well, we’ll have to wait to find out because unlike Freakmama’s experience with iSatori Energize pills, my own was less than enthralling.

First off, let me advise that if you are looking for an appetite reducer you may do well to try out iSatori Energize. I did notice a significant drop in my appetite, at least in the morning. By late afternoon and evening it had come back, but that is only as it should be. Unlike Freakmama I cannot say that I experienced a huge impulse of that made me feel I could take on the world. iSatori Energize was not even capable of giving me enough of an energy boost to get me to write about the darkness that I fear is going to suck the very life out of this country.

One thing that iSatori Energize did accomplish is to keep me awake. In fact, up to three nights after I quit taking it I was still having trouble sleeping through the night. I rarely have trouble sleeping at night. So, the upshot of this review is that you now have one review here that suggests that iSatori Energize does all it promises and more, and another that suggests it is not quite what it claims.