Supernatural Travel: The Hornet Spook Light

If your kids are fascinated by UFOs, aliens, ghosts or any of the other myriad mysteries of the world, then you would be doing them a disservice by not running them by the Hornet Ghost Light if you ever get the chance. The Hornet Spook Light is located around the town of Neosho, Missouri and the mystery that surrounds the ghostly illuminations dates back to at least the 1860s.

The Hornet Spook Light can be located along an eerie little backroad known as the Devil’s Promenade. The most common conception of the strange light hanging in the sky is that it looks like a floating lantern. Of course, since the Hornet Ghost Light dates back to pioneer days, what other object would it look like? Your kids may describe it as a flying Bulbasaur. Some younger kids may be a little frightened, but as best that is known, the Hornet Spook Light is probably a quite natural phenomenon; probably mine gas. Of course, don’t try telling the people of Neosho that.

Some visitors to the Hornet Ghost Light have reported trying to follow the glowing orb down the Devil’s Promenade only to find out that the closer they seem to get the farther away the light is. There have been a few devoted party poopers who want you think that the light has attacked them, but so far no authenticity is attached to these reports, so don’t let that make you too terrified to take your kids.

America today is dominated like never before by the idea of the unexplained and entire generations are being raised watching Ghost Hunters and other shows on the Travel Channel and Discovery about strange and supernatural events. The Hornet Ghost Light presents the opportunity to test the mettle of your kids. Oh sure, every kid enjoys seeing the unexplained on TV, especially if Leonard Nimoy is the narrator, but how will they react to actually seeing a strange glowing light in the sky? The Hornet Spook Light is your answer.