Tips For Throwing an Angel-Themed Party

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Angel theme parties are among the easiest to throw because angels seem to be everywhere. Although you may run into problems during December finding angel items that don’t come with Christmas greetings, in most cases it is easy to toss an angel party year round. Most party supply stores will already have a busload of angelic items waiting for you.


Although it is possible to buy invitations, it may be more fun to make them yourself. A plethora of software programs exist that allow you to make your decorations and you can easily find angel images on the internet to download and place onto the invitation. Even better, however, is to make an invitation that actually looks like an angel. Print it out and cut it to create a 3-D effect that makes the invitation itself a thing of beauty.

Angel Food Cake Cupcakes

The great thing about cakes when it comes to angel theme parties is that angels already have a cake named after them. Rather making an angel food cake with a traditional bundt pan, however, why not make several angel-shaped cupcakes from an angel food cake mix. This will allow you to give each little angel showing up at the party their own angel in cake form.


Angel decorations at an angel theme party should stay true to the theme. That means buying angel-shaped decorations that can be easily streamed from the ceiling. If angels have wings, they should be see in flight, after all. Cardboard angels, helium-filled Mylar balloon angels, and even angel figures can be hung from the ceiling. And don’t forget to give them the illusion of flight by hanging them from a slowly revolving ceiling fan.