What to Pack for a Vacation Anywhere

Packing for a vacation is not a generic exercise. What you would pack for a ski trip to Vermont in January is clearly not going to resemble what you would pack for a trip to Hawaii in July. Nevertheless, there are certain concepts that remain constant in the game of packing preparation. Follow these tips and you may avoid a certain amount of frustration no matter where or when you vacation.


Especially when traveling with children, you’ll probably be tossing a Gameboy or portable digital media device. Doubtlessly, you’ll also bring along at least one and possibly two or more cell phones. Few things can cause greater frustration than unpacking and realizing that you left behind the recharger for these items, especially for your cell phone.


Packing your prescription medication is an absolute necessity. Trying to get a prescription refill in another state, much less another country, means calling up your insurance company and getting special approval and, well, getting a major headache. If you received your medication via Medicare, the situation becomes much worse due to the failures of the system in reference to prescription portability.

Rainy Day

If you are going somewhere for vacation where most of your activities will take place outdoors, take the time to pack for a rainy day circumstance. If you have really young children, this can mean coloring books. For older kids bring along a few board games. Cards, dominoes, DVDs and anything you can think of that will make a day lost to regular vacation activities should be packed for emergencies.

Extra Shoes

No matter what your destination, a vacation is no place to break in a pair of new shoes. Because you never know what may happen to your shoes, it’s always a good idea to bring along at least one or two pairs of shoes you’ve already broken in. High heels can easily break and sneakers can get ruined by mud or water. Prepare for the unexpected because it is called unexpected for a reason.


Weather is very unpredictable. Just because your destination is the south doesn’t mean there can’t be a sudden cold snap. The reverse goes for cooler geographic areas. You don’t necessarily need to pack for both cool and warm weather, but always bring some layers you can put on and take off as the weather changes.