Essential Tips for a Disney World Trip

A Disney vacation is the ultimate head rush for many children and quite a few adults. Families save for years just to make this trek to America’s tourist meccas. A few tips here and there can really save the day when it comes to dealing with crowds and beating the lines. The following are words to consider before you being finalizing your plans for a Disney vacation.

Disney World Shortcut

Disney World traffic can be a nightmare, but not for the people who are aware of the nifty little secret backdoor entrance. The shortcut can be found by taking 192 east until arriving at Sherberth Rd. Continue on Sherbeth until you arrive at a set of traffic lights and then turn left. Follow this road into the Animal Kingdom Lodge, find a parking spot and then take a Disney bus to the park of your choice.

Worst Time for Crowds

For some people there is a definite correlation between how much they enjoy a Disney vacation and how many people they have to battle for line space. The times of the year that are historically the most crowded at any Disney park are from Christmas to New Year’s, the week before and after Easter, July 4th weekend, and the period from early March to the middle of April when schools are taking spring break.

Best Times for Crowds

If your enjoyment of Disney is centered around short lines and thin crowds then you are in luck. Although Disney can never be appropriately termed empty, there are two specific months and one two-week period in another month that screams out for your attention. January is a definitely a great time to travel to Disney World because the crowds are thinned due to people going back to school and paying off Christmas debt, as well as the temperate climates. Back to school season also makes September an ideal month. The first two weeks in December before schools start letting out for winter break also means shorter lines and fewer people.

Best Time of the Week

Regardless of whether you travel to Disney during Christmas or September, there is one time during the week when you can avoid the crowds that typify the rest of the week. Sunday morning is the single best time of the week to hit the parks for two reasons. One, even on vacation, many visitors find time to attend church. And secondly, many visitors who’ve been there for the week or weekend are readying to head back home and getting an early start. Go to any Disney World park on Sunday morning and you should find lines surprisingly shorter than they were on Saturday.