Top Careers in Health Care

Those careers at the height of the health care industry can be incredibly lucrative. The downside is that takes years of school and training to scale the Everest of health care income opportunities. There are several upsides to consider. For one thing, health care is pretty much resistant to any kind of downturn in the economy. Another factor to consider is that your own health care expenses are easily managed. Finally, you will make good money by doing something positive rather than negative: you are saving lives and making life better for many people.


The anesthesiologist is commonly referred to as the guy that gives a patient gas during surgery, but his responsibilities go much deeper than that. The anesthesiologist must constantly tend to the patient’s vital signs throughout the surgery and is as essential component in the procedure as the surgeon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median annual salary around $300,000, but top notch experienced anesthesiologist can make over $450,000 a year.

Heart Surgeon

Possibly the most glamorous of all positions in the health care field, the heart surgeon literally holds a beating heart in his hands and saves lives on a daily basis. It takes a special kind of person to become a heart surgeon, but the rewards are many, including a salary that can exceed half a million dollars a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics place the median yearly salary for heart surgeons at $350,000 a year and that is not including the money that many cardiologists make by taking part in the development of new surgical instruments and technology.


The world of oncology is the world of studying, diagnosing, and treating cancer. Cures for this disease are nowhere on a distant horizon and so, tragically, there will probably always be a need for oncologists. Much of the work in oncology is done in the laboratory, but oncologists also deal one-on-one with patients. According to, the median salary for an oncologist is $261,000 with high end salary expectations around $350,000.