Tips for Saving Gas

The price of gasoline is not permanently going down any time soon. If you can’t save money at the pump by buying cheaper gas, then the only recourse left is saving money by not burning up as much gas. Greater fuel efficiency can translate into the kind of savings you would experience if the price of gas were to ever actually head south again. Many of these ways to save gas require almost little effort or sacrifice.

Driving Habits

Your driving habits may be costing you money without any equitable gain. A change of habit can save gas in the tank and cash in the bank. It’s true that if you drive slower your fuel efficiency increases. You are paying an extra 10% per gallon of gas for each–and every–five mph you drive over 60. Fast starts from the stoplights and aggressive driving also burn up extra gas that you can’t afford.

Avoid Extra Miles

Many people put hundreds of miles on their car for no reason. Do your grocery shopping at the store on the way home dropping the kids off at school. Do your Christmas shopping online in October instead of driving all around town looking for the perfect gifts. Put together a diary of every single trip you make in a month by writing down where you went, how far it was, and why you made the trip. This will give you a perhaps sobering idea of just how many unnecessary trips you really make.


A well-maintained vehicle can save big money over the life of a car. A vehicle that has become untuned can lose as much as 4% of its fuel efficiency. Of course, you can gain back 3% of that mileage merely by keeping your tires properly inflated. Regular oil changes that include the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer also improves gas efficiency.