Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

Not everybody has the money that is needed to make a home look like one of those showcases you find in thick magazines or on television shows. With a little imagination and just the smallest of investments you can transform a dull room or two into something to be proud of. These home decorating tips are things that will save you big money while adding a real sense of personal style to your home.

Personal Portraits

It seems like every mansion or rich person’s home has at least one family portrait that dominates the wall inside the main living space. While it would be nice to be able to afford to hire an artist to do this job, for the average person this is just not a realistic ambition. A much cheaper method of pulling this off is to digitize some existing photographic images of your family and manipulated them with a computer program. Depending on the

software you use, it is possible to make these camera images look like they were painted in style of famous painters and painting styles. Consider giving your images the thick brush strokes of Van Gogh, the pointillism of Seurat, or the colorized negative images of Andy Warhol. Print them out and frame them on the wall.

Breakfast Nook

Some homes come equipped with a little breakfast nook that resembles a diner bench. When set into a corner, this gives an especially cozy feel to the kitchen. Installing a breakfast nook can get quite expensive so instead invest in small wooden picnic table. Use thick gloss paint to give it a fancier appearance and situate the table beneath a kitchen table to create the same effect.

Headboard Replacement

A headboard behind the bed is certainly nice, but they can run hundreds of dollars. If all you’ve got in your bedroom is the bed and a wall there is one very simple and inexpensive way to add a little dash of style. It’s not quite the same thing as having a headboard, but it can be more artsy. Go to the fabric store and buy a print that you like. Cut it into a rectangle and attach behind your bed. This simple addition will add a striking new look to your bedroom for a surprisingly small cash outlay.

Chalkboard Paint

Add both a sense of style and a utilitarian purpose to your kitchen cabinet doors. Buy some chalkboard paint and one or two of your kitchen cabinet doors or the door to your pantry. The black contrast with the color of the rest of the cabinet space creates a sharp look that immediately draws attention. The fact that you can then use the chalkboard to remind yourself of what food you are running low on just adds a proper sense of usefulness to this decor.