Academy Awards Party Ideas

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The Academy Awards present the perfect excuse for a party. The shows runs for most of the night. Even if they aren’t movie fanatics, most people are familiar enough with movies to know what’s going on. Best of all there is the great chance to make fun of people you don’t like and get huffy over the movies that did win but shouldn’t and should have won but didn’t.

Place Your Bets

The Academy Awards is a much better TV event to bet on that the Super Bowl. Before everyone arrives for the party, make sure you’ve printed out a list of the nominees for each guest. Have the guests then make their predictions of the winner for each category. While it is true that in most years very few of the big awards turn out to be a surprise, by also making guests predict the winners of people they don’t know like Animated Short Subject you can guarantee that nobody gets everything right. The winner gets a prize like a big Oscar statuette or a gift card for movies.


The Oscar telecast can become quite tedious and unbelievably dull at some points, not unlike a bad B-movie. Anyone who has ever watched the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 can tell you that no matter how awful the movie, it can be made entertaining by giving license to people to comment, or riff, on what is taking place on the screen. By freeing up all inhibitions about keeping quite during a show you’re watching, you can make even the most cringeworthy acceptance speech fun.


Another good way to liven up the Oscar party when things get slow is to have a costume contest. Of course, in keeping with the Oscar theme, these shouldn’t be just any costume. Make it a rule that everyone has to show up in a costume of the character for which an actor or actress got nominated. Or, you might go the other way and simply have the guests show up in costume and character as the actual actor. This idea gives people the excuse to do their best imitation of a movie star or a famous character. The winner of the costume contest could be given a gift certificate to Netflix or one of the big video rental stores.

Food Themes

Deciding on what food to serve at an Academy Awards party can be difficult. Make it simpler by focusing in on a certain film that receive a nomination and creating your food around that theme. For instance, the year Slumdog Millionaire got so many nominations, Indian food would have been a good idea. The movie Ratatouille presents one of the most obvious food theme ideas in Oscar history. An Italian supper theme could have been created around Goodfellas or the Godfather movies. Don’t worry about finding a food theme in the major categories, but also peruse the lesser known categories or ideas. For instance, a Jamaican jerk theme could have been constructed around the minor categories in which Pirates of the Caribbean got nominations.