Simple Hair Care Tips

Hair care is easy to overlook, especially for men. While an entire industry exists to sell you thinks to make your hair look different, taking actual care of your hair so that it lasts long and looks good is in your own hands. Just a few simple steps a day can do what all the hair care products in the world deliver for a premium price.

Avoid Bleach

One of the most damaging things you can do to your hair is to bleach it. While you may say to yourself that you never bleach your hair because it is currently the same color as it has always been, you have to remember that not all bleach comes from a guy name Hans at the beauty salon. Every time you dive into a chlorinate pool you are essentially bleaching your hair just a little bit. Wear a cap when you go swimming in a chlorinated pool and definitely avoid bleaching at the salon.

Brush Before Shampoo

To get the most from your shampoo, you should spend some time brushing your hair before stepping into the shower. Brushing your hair serves the purpose of loosening up any dirt, oil, gel and hairspray that may be sticking to your follicles. Start off by brushing the ends of the hair rather than starting from the top, especially if you have long hair, because the force of one long brush can damage the end of your hair. Only after a good brush should you give yourself a shampoo.

When to Shampoo

The only people who recommend that you should shampoo your hair every day anymore belong to the shampoo industry. Many experts now recommend a shampoo no more than every other day and some suggest that only once or twice a week is fine for most people. How often to shampoo has much to do with your hair type. If you are prone to oily hair, you are probably better off going every other day, but remember that daily shampoo may be damaging your hair.

Static Electricity

A common problem for many people is a buildup of static electricity in their hair that causes it stand on end. A very simple method exists that allows you to neutralize this static electricity. Simply run a comb beneath running water and then run it slowly through your hair. Doing this will cure your hair of having a life of its own.