Ideas for Building a Halloween Haunted House

A haunted house need not be an extravagant affair that requires buckets of blood and ghouls galore. A garage or backyard can easily be turned into a scary enough Halloween domain with not much money at all. Some secrets do exist that can transform your haunted house into something more memorable than the scary house down the road. It is the simplest of effects that can really make your house become the hit of the neighborhood.

Spiderwebs and cobwebs give any house the appropriate feel of being haunted by the passage of time. Creating your own spider or cob webs is as easy as buying several packages of cheesecloth from the local fabric store and some food coloring. Mix the red, blue and green bottles that come in a package of food dye until you’ve created a kind of sickly black or grayish color. Soak the cheesecloth into the food coloring and then grab the cheesecloth with both hands and begin pulling outward in both directions until you have achieved long fingerlike strands of webby material. Hang the strands everywhere throughout your house to create the effect of time passing without human awareness.

Buy some Styrofoam that you can cut into the shape of headstones and paint them gray. Then paint funny epitaphs on the tombstones like Rest in Pizza or Do Not Disturb. A graveyard by itself is somewhat incomplete, however, so you want to get some thick hard pretzels that you spread on the ground in front of the tombstones. Then cover the pretzels with leaves and grass and inform your visitors that not all the bodies got buried properly. When they step near the tombstones the pretzels cracking beneath their shoes will sound like bones snapping.

One element often missing from even the most sophisticated haunted house is odors. To create the suitable stench of death in the air you should strategically hide some limburger cheese throughout your haunted house. Limburger cheese is notoriously noxious and while it may not smell exactly like death, it an effective substitute. A strong onion that has been sliced open is a good item to place at certain stops along the haunted trail.

Every haunted house should have at least one coffin, but it can be expensive even to buy a fake coffin from a Halloween store. A much cheaper alternative can created by taping three cardboard file boxes together and painting them brown. Buy some cheap drawer handles that you can hot glue onto the sides to create handles for the casket. Line your coffins with satiny material bought at a fabric store and add a fancy throw pillow to finalize the effect.