Thrifty Decorating Ideas

It’s true that you don’t need a lot of money to make your home look good. Thrifty decorating need not mean cheap decor. If saving money is more important that bragging about the price you paid for your decor, then you can have a home that looks as good anything in the neighborhood and still have enough money left over to eat the same fancy restaurants as those who spend so much more to have a house that looks half as good.

Even on your first try, you should be able to knock out an etched mirror in just a few hours. All you need to decorate with an etched mirror is the mirror, printed letters, contact paper and etching cream. The etching cream is the primary component here that is an absolute must. The result is a very stylish touch that can add drama or humor to a boring old mirror depending on the content of the etching.

Flea markets and junk shops are a treasure trove of thrify decorating items and you should head there this weekend in search of abandoned staircase balustrades or furniture spindles. Try to find the ones that are thick and feature a broad bottom. Turned upside down and attached to the wall, this junk becomes an effective platform for displaying smaller collectibles.

Paint stenciling does not have to be limited to the walls. Buy stencils or create your own of any design you can imagine and paint the ceiling. Once you have added a stenciled decor to your ceiling, you may be surprised to find just how often you actually look up at the ceiling. Instead of a design, you could stencil an inspirational quote or a Biblical verse to help you jumpstart your day.

The collapse of the vinyl record industry has led to new ways to recycle your collection of albums. You could just pin them to the wall, but why not take that extra step and use the new art of sleevefacing to put yourself into the picture. Take a look at the sleevefacing link below in the Resources section to get an idea of just how much fun this trend can be. Thrifty decorating means with sleevefacing means the cost of printer ink and paper. Use your imagination to transform your collection of vinyl into wall art sure to spark conversation.

Head to the yard sales in town this weekend and buy up as many old flashlights as you can. The authors of “The Complete Home Decorator” offer a step by step on how to attach flashlights to a shower rail to create a unique lighting fixture. The book recommends using old-fashioned chrome lights attached to a chrome rail to create a mechanistic style, but you could also try out combinations of different colors. For instance, a black and white room could use a white shower rail and black flashlights. This decorative idea in a kids’ room with a Spongebob SquarePants motif could use an orange rail and blue flashlights to mimic the look of that show.