Exterior Home Improvement Ideas

If the exterior of your home is significantly less than you would like to be aesthetically-speaking, you have a number of options available for upgrading to a look that you can be proud of. You may even become one of the showcase homes in the neighborhood and it won’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you have deep pockets, of course, you can certainly become a neighborhood showcase house.

Paint Job

Start exterior remodeling plans with a simple paint job. A new paint job that offers bold and vivid colors on the trim can be a substantial home improvement expense. Boldly painted shutters that complement or contrast with the color of the basic structure of your house can do wonders for its curb appeal if you are accenting for reasons of finance. Create a focal point for the exterior of your house and go for broke. Let the door paint match the trim paint or else go incredibly wild with color like a hot pink or a sexy red or a bright cerulean blue.


When you think of molding, you probably think of chair railing and wainscoting on the interior. Exterior molding around the doors and windows can do wonders for the ambient look of a house. Outlining the front door with a one-inch-thick trim of stock lumber in a band 10 inches wide can make your front door a focal point that sticks out like a pretty woman at a comic book convention. Mitered, half-round moldings simulate paneling on a front door so that’s a look you should consider as well for visual improvement of the exterior of the house.


If you don’t have shutters on your windows, consider installing either the real thing to offer protection of your glass panes or the faux kind of shutters. Painting those shutters a vivid accent color has been covered. Painting the shutters a shade of the structural color does you no good. If you’ve already got faux half-window shutters, consider both the aesthetic appeal and the utilitarian concept of installing actual shutters you close to offer protection of your windows during a storm. Consider painting the insides and the outsides of these shutters to create a flowing look across the house by utilizing patterns, geometry or even full-scale images.


Many an exterior flaw on a home has been covered up with judicious use of landscaping. You don’t really need a budget the size of Sarah Palin’s clothing budget during the 2008 election to utilize landscaping to upgrade your home. Add a privacy screen onto which climbing vines are added if your problem is also one of the neighbors being too nosy. The key to landscaping that is effective at bringing beauty to the exterior of your home lies in placing the plants where the most obvious vertical lines of your architectural meet solid ground. Another key is the efficient introduction of planters and plant beds along the wall. Fast growing shrubs and trees provide the best way of adding landscaped style to the exterior walls of your home.