8 Painting Tips You Can Seriously Use

Almost as many sites exist on what former President George W. Bush (no, seriously) liked to call the internets. Taking into account the plethora of porn, that makes painting tip information the 3 millionth most popular internet article idea. So what the hey, one more won’t hurt. Especially when these are paint tips you can seriously use.

Paint Tip 1:

Use a straightedge for probably the first time since the day you bought it. A straightedge can be called into service to remove excess paint from a brush or roller and keep it from becoming truly nasty.

Paint Tip 2:

Buy your interior and exterior house paint in the largest quantity available. Not only is a five gallon can of paint cheaper per ounce than a one pound gallon, but the shade of the paint will be homogeneous inside one can. Two cans of paint can present more than just a shade of difference.

Paint Tip 3:

Don’t get mad at the guy who insists upon stirring the paint for five minutes before application. Uniformity of hue is dependent upon stirring the mixture that is paint around. When you reach the halfway point of a paint and are about to start painting the middle of a wall, mix up half the new can inside the can currently being used. This will reduce the potential for a shockingly noticeable difference in the hue of what appear to be the same color.

Paint Tip 4:

Call that cinematic emancipator of slaves from Germany to Ireland to Tatooine, Liam Neeson, and get him to free you from the slavery of the paintbrush and paint roller. Don’t be afraid to try a paint pad. In fact, paint pads applicators are available in a wide range of sizes and makes applying paint to large areas go so much easier.

Paint Tip 5:

Cover your hands, arms, face and neck with some moisturizer lotion before painting. That way, when paint inevitably drips on your or gets on your skin somehow, the cleansing process will proceed ever so much more efficiently.

Paint Tip 6:

A bright sunny day with the temperatures in the 70’s may seem like the ideal time to paint the exterior of your home, but you couldn’t be more wrong that suggesting that Mel Gibson play a Holocaust survivor. Painting in direct sunlight will eventually cause blistering and make you have the paint the exterior much sooner than if you’d chosen an overcast day.

Paint Tip 7:

Glue a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. Then watch as the paint that you know is going to drip down the side of the can winds up plastering the paper plate rather than your nice hardwood flooring.

Paint Tip 8:

Skip trying to clean a paint roller and dole out the dough for enough brand new paint rollers to get the entire job done. No matter what you may read elsewhere, you are not going to get a paint roller entirely clean enough to make a second use worth more than the few bucks you’d spend buying a family of rollers. Go ahead and live like a Frenchman and invest in a roller for every other 10 square feet of space.