8 Tips for Better Window Decor


Ideas for windows are a dimebag a dozen, but you may not quite have come across the idea for a window that really gets your decorative juices flowing. If you are facing a problematic window and want to do something that adds style, pizzazz or just plain zazz, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 tips to better windows that are guaranteed to make you happier with your window décor when you’re done than you are right now.

Window Idea 1:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to spruce up your window design is to paint the trim in a bright and vivid new color. Strong and bold painting makes your windows leap out from the colors of the surrounding walls, especially if your walls are painted neutral colors.

Window Idea 2:

Apply glass film by cleaning the window thoroughly and applying the film to the window. Specialty films can really do wonders for a boring window. Decorative window films include reflective silver for better privacy, stained glass, different kinds of textures and reproductions of great works of art. Heck, you could even apply a window film from your photographic images.

Window Idea 3:

Shutters are not just for the outside and protection against wind and the elements. Install a set of shutters over your indoor windows and paint the shutters with decorative imagery. Or decorate wooden window shutters by engaging in a little decoupage. Create your own personal, customized window treatment in this way.

Window Idea 4:

You can have a cornice installed or you can make your own window cornice. It’s really not a terrifically complex DIY project at all. A cornice can be a simple wooden box placed above the curtains and drapes. The result is an attractive sense of elegance that can’t be achieved without the addition of a window cornice.

Window Idea 5:

Take what is current a boring double-paned sliding window and make it a showcase for the entire house by building outward. Create a bay window where no bay window exists at the moment. This allows the addition of an upholstered bench from which you can watch the world go by if you so choose.

Window Idea 6:

Frost your window with spray paint. This specialty spray paint gives your window added durability while cutting down on glare. This aspect makes frosting your window an ideal choice if said window throws unwanted glare on the television. Do some reverse stenciling in which you mask the areas around your design and you can get a very effectively decorated window.

Window Idea 7:
Paint blinds onto your window. A trompe l’oeil effect in which you paint Venetian blinds onto the window gives it a jazzy effect as well as the utilitarian use of splitting up the direct rays of the sun. Painting blind lines onto your window also can create atmospheric shadows on the floor or opposite wall at certain times during the day.

Window Idea 8:

A large window area can be decoratively designed by calling into service a metallic panels or Japanese shoji-style panels. You can move these items around to make them useful as room dividers at night when they aren’t being used to block out the sunlight.