Cheap Halloween Costumes Materials Around the House

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Halloween costume. Your finances may be unduly affected by the deregulation of the financial industry during the Bush administration which has led to the Bush-Obama recession. Shelling out a hundred bucks for a Halloween costume may not be quite as tempting as it was a few years ago. Look around the house and you will find many things that can be used for making a perfectly acceptable Halloween costume.


Cut up an old black umbrella to make a perfect set of wings. If you don’t have a black umbrella, then shame on your for not expecting Halloween to come around. Paint any umbrella black and you can make a Halloween costume with wings ranging from a vampire bat to those creepy Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Just cut off two 90-degree segments and stitch them to the clothing. Try a pair of black leotards if you are going for the bat look. Spray some of that paint that resembles cement texture if you are going for the Weeping Angels.

Corrugated Cartons

What Halloween costume can’t you make from corrugated cardboard? Cut some holes in the side of a long narrow one that might have once contained something like a guitar and you’ve got yourself the perfect makings of a pack of chewing gum. A square cardboard box is perfect for a robot costume on Halloween.

Paper Plates

Paper plates can be transformed into a mask of anything from the lion king to Sarah Palin. A very nifty Halloween costume idea involving the use of paper plates involves the utilization of yellow and black paint to create the Happy Face or any of its subordinate ripoffs. My preference is for a mouth on the Happy Face that is a simple line. Wear a shirt that reads “Have an Ordinary Day.” There’s your cheap Halloween costume right there.


Posterboard can be used for cheap Halloween costume ideas in a number of ways. If costume is going to be a king or queen, you can easily make a crown from posterboard. Really, when you think about it, you could potentially make any kind of headgear you need for a Halloween costume from posterboard. You know, like one of those long, tall, pointy hats that a princess wears with the streamers coming from them? You could even make an Elvis-style pompadour from posterboard.

Ripped Shirt

Don’t throw away that ripped shirt. In fact, rip it up a bit more. Place some fur material beneath it and you are on your way to making a cheap Halloween costume that I like to call a wolfman. Or do I like to call it a werewolf? Or a she-wolf, perhaps? The point it, if you’ve got a ripped piece of clothing, don’t file it under G, but utilize it in your plans for a cheap Halloween this year.

Laundry Basket

It’s not a laundry basket, it’s a size increaser. Cut a hole in your laundry basket and you increases your chances of coming up with a cool cheap Halloween costume made from stuff around the house exponentially. Wrap a sheet around the laundry basket and write Pfizer on it and you’ve made yourself into a giant pill. Wrap it in a plastic-y material and fill it with balloons and you’ve become a milk shake.