Big Window Treatment Ideas

Big windows require special types of treatments to deal with their size or placement. Treating a big window can be done in a variety of ways. The one thing you want to make sure of when coming up with ideas for a treatment for a big window is that you don’t place any undo focus on the size so that the window becomes a focal point because you have failed to integrate it into the overall design concept of the room.

A bank of tall windows can be enhanced by adding decorative trim above the windows and plain white blinds to cover the glass. Look for trim that adds architectural interest to the area between the top of the window and the ceiling. Wooden slat blinds can be utilized to complement the texture of the molding.

A big window can use the shutter treatment to give it a bit of old-world charm. Consider installing upper and lower shutters that can be opened independently of each other. If you want a lot of light in, you open both the upper and lower shutter. If you prefer to use the window for ventilation, leave the top shutters closed and just open the bottom pieces.

Balloon shades are essential for any room that seeks the ultimate in femininity. This is a home decorating idea that is not exactly suitable for the home office where dad makes money by day trading stocks over the internet. Balloon shades look like those puffy sleeves that Napoleon Dynamite thinks are so cool. An extra bit of decorative statement can be made by using velvet as the material for your balloon shades.

Use wallpaper to decorate your own supersized window cornice. Cornices are constructed in a four-fold fashion: flat front, narrow dust board on top and two end pieces that close up the sides of the cornice. You can make your own cornice or you can buy one at the window supplies store. Ultimately, the point is to coordinate your room’s wallpaper by adding a wide strip to the face of the cornice. Accent the cornice by finding a pattern that is identical to the one used on your curtains and glue it onto the wallpaper covering the cornice.

Victorian stenciling is a big window treatment that is easy to do, fun and is artistic enough to lend any sized window a degree of elegance that will forever elude Yao Ming or Shaq. Bring your big window down to the size of little Queen Victoria by cutting out a stencil from cardboard and spraying car enamel paint through the stencil cutout and onto the window panes. The final result of this window treatment is a feeling of etched glass. The key to getting the most from Victorian stenciling is to cut out the stencil of your choice. Make your own rather than settling for a painting stencil that someone who has never even been to your house designed.