Lawn Care Tips

Growing a lawn can be a part-time job for some homeowners. Those people who put their all into getting a showcase lawn don’t come by it through being half-assed, if you know what I mean. They use their entire butt as well as arms, legs, knees and toes. Well, a good lawn may not necessarily mean using your toes, but it could be close. What you really need if you are starting out on the odyssey of raising a top quality lawn are some tips and hints. And it just so happens that I have some hints and tips for creating a high quality lawn.


You want to avoid a compaction of the soil when you start out with your lawn. A compacted lawn is a lawn that is poorly aerated and you want proper aeration if you hope to achieve a solid quality lawn. Break up the compacted areas of the yard before you lay down the sod.

Mowing the Lawn

One of the great secrets behind those lawns that impress you as you drive past is that the caretaker took care to ensure regular mowing. Mowing the grass may seem like a chore to some people and those people probably will never have a truly spectacular lawn. Get to love the lawn by buying a riding mower if you need to. Regular mowing is a sure a guarantee of a prized lawn as you can get.


Become very familiar with the weed killing products on the market. Not all weedkillers are built to kill the same type of growth. You want to check the label of any weedkiller before you start using it because weedkillers are known to kill more than just weeds. Do the research to find out what particular and specific kind of weeds are threatening the prestige of your lawn.

Overseeding Thin Grass

A common obstacle to getting the showcase lawn of your dream are areas of sparse growth. Tackling these thinly growing areas by overseeding them may be the answer to your problem. Loosen up the soil in that thinning area and drop some grass seed and then rake over the soil area again.

Sod Quality

Just as weedkillers differ from one another, so does the quality of sod. You need to examine the quality of the sod you are buying before you have it delivered at your home. Don’t accept low quality sod. Examples of lawn sod to reject are those with too much yellowing, sod that is rotting and that with any signs of fungus.