How to Decorate a Victorian Bedroom

Creating a Victorian bedroom that has brings all the romance of that allegedly conservative and tame period can become a dream come true for many who haven’t even moved into a Victorian home. (If you thought that the Victorian period was totally conservative, then read my article debunking that myth by clicking here.) To create a romantic Victorian bedroom involves a number of elements. You won’t necessarily have to include all those elements in your bedroom design, but the more the better as the kids today say.

Colors for a Victorian Bedroom
The colors in which you decorate a romantic Victorian bedroom has to include a deep shade of red, preferably in velvet form. Black is to be used judiciously and wisely such as with a black lacquer dressing table. The Victorian era homeowners were also fond of colors based on the stones of jewelry so you can accent that romantic bedroom with garnet, opal or emerald tones.

Victorian Fabrics
Since this is going for a Victorian era style that brings forth the romance of the age rather than the overstated repression, you will definitely need to include velvet as fabric. Velvet can be incorporated into your romantic Victorian sleeping quarters via patterned wallpaper or bedding or a powder room chair. Stay away from velvet drapes because your Victorian style dictates the classic brocade style draperies. Brocade is another thick fabric with patterning. If you don’t go with a velvet bed dressing, then take on heavy satin or damask. The bed coverings is a perfect spot for introducing the tones associated with jewels. Those Victorians will look down upon your with a smile almost parting their stiff upper lift when you cover the bed in heavy satiny material of that matches the shiny rock upon your finger.

Victorian Patterns
A romantic Victorian bedroom design scheme has to introduce patterning into the mixture. The keystone of Victorian décor was a tone on tone pattern that is actually woven into the fabric. If you’ve gone with velvet wall covering, brocade draperies and a satiny bed covering, then you want to find a way to introduce a patterned damask fabric. Since a common furnishing in the authentic Victorian bedrooms was a loveseat, you can also choose to upholster that in damask, though red velvet is the traditional way to go. Of course, if you use velvet on the loveseat, that frees up the walls for damask décor.

The overarching theme associated with a romantic Victorian bedroom is the sense of opulence. This is why you can get away with raised patterned velvet wallpaper where you could never get away with in another room. Furnish the room in richer tones that complement the primary coloring of the walls. You can’t have a romantic Victorian bedroom worth calling itself so if your bedroom doesn’t include crown molding, wainscoting and chair railing. The walls must look as though they were transferred from a mansion.