5 Novelty Cake Ideas

Novelty cakes can make even a boring party spring to life. Once the paper plates and the plastic forks are brought out, everyone gathers around to take their chance at eating a portion of a cake that is decorated to look like anybody but a standard cake. Here are some ideas for a novelty cake design to match a specific type of party theme.

Office Party

The office party can be a party celebrating a holiday or it can be a send-off to a fellow employee who is moving onto bigger and better things. (It is to be hoped.) A really cool idea for a novelty cake for an office party is a cake decorated to look like a pizza. This is especially true for offices that regularly call in pizza for lunch or for parties to send off a fellow employee. (Maybe you don’t hope so much he’s going on to bigger and better things; don’t given in to schadenfruede.) Marzipan run over a cheese grater can give the look of cheese that is almost indistinguishable from actual cheese on the cake.

Gardening Club Party

A fantastic idea for a novelty cake for a gardening club or just for someone who loves to garden is one that looks like a terracotta flower pot. A bundt cake can be decorated to resemble a traditional orange terra cotta flower pot by using orange fondant. The bowl can spill forth flowers and leaves made from icing or fondant.


What kind of novelty cake will today’s teenagers not think is lame? I don’t know; who can understand teenagers? But you can almost guarantee a positive response if you create a novelty cake in the shape of and decorated to look like a cell phone. The closer you can get the cake cell phone to resemble your teen’s actual cell phone, the better.

Animal Lovers

You pretty much have to be an animal lover to enjoy snakes, don’t you? I mean how many people love snakes, but not dogs, wolverines and carp? If you want to make a child’s eyes almost literally pop out of their sockets, then wait for the moment that you unveil your novelty cake in the shape of a snake. Make any kind of cake you’d like and then decorate it with the novelty snake made from rolled up marzipan. If you have cake baking know-how and can figure out how to hide part of the marzipan snake inside the cake while allowing it to slither out another part of the cake, all the better.