Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving does not really lend itself to crafts project like its bookend holidays Halloween and Christmas. Once you get past the turkey and pilgrims and football, well, what else is left of Thanksgiving to turn into a crafts project? You might be surprised.

As those characters in those wonderful old black and white movies set in New Yawk used to say, “Leave us not forget the cornucopia.” The horn of plenty is a fantastic icon for Thanksgiving. You can make a cornucopia from plastic foam, felt or one of those Styrofoam thingies that you find in fabric stores across this great country. Hollow out the Styrofoam cornucopia and stuff it with fake food.

Kids who aren’t into the whole male-touching pseudo-homosexual sport of football can stay inside and play pin the tailfeather on the turkey. Get yourself a cut out of a turkey or make one yourself. Cut out different colors of feathers using colored construction paper and place Tom Turkey on the wall. Wrap a blindfold around the kids and see who can come up with the feathers on that turkey’s butt!

You call it corn, but they call it maize. Eating popcorn is not quite the Thanksgiving tradition it should be, all things Injuns considered, but you can start us on the road to healing. Make a popcorn holder from a simple cardboard tube of the sort that used to hold some other food. Wrap the exterior of the container with yellow felt and then cut two pieces of green felt that you apply to the container to make the ears of corn. Use actual corn pieces glued between the ears of corn and you’ve got a Thanksgiving tradition that you never imagined you would have.

The turkey comes back into the picture again with the utilization of one of those cardboard egg cartons. Cut the egg carton in half and glue them to each other to create the body of your turkey. Cut out some cardboard feathers for the tail and make the neck of this gobbler out of sturdy cardboard. Paint the wattle, eyes, beak and some neck feathers using a marker. Construction paper can then be cut into two side wings. Pull off this Thanksgiving craft project and you might just be able to pull it off as a centerpiece for the feast ahead.

A fun little game for the kids can become crafts project for Thanksgiving, too. Start saving one gallon cardboard drink containers around the beginning of November until you have collected ten. Cover the drink containers in plain wrapping paper and then let the kids draw whatever Thanksgiving decoration they want upon them. Get a rubber ball and you’ve got Thanksgiving Decorating Bowling! Ten pins plus one rubber ball equals a much better time than listening to those people who call the parades.