4 Methods for Improving Home Air Quality

Cleaner air in the home means healthier air in the home. Healthier air means a healthier you and that can translate into a more active you. A more active you can translate into more activities being completed and more functions being performed and completed. Clean your home’s air and you may be cleaning out the fatigue that makes your entire household a bit logy. How can you make your home’s air cleaner? You have a number of options.

Portable Cleaners

A portable cleaner stands roughly a foot high and about a foot and a half wide. Portable cleaners used a variety of filter types to work their magic. Some of these appliances use a filter much like the ones currently in place in your hot-air furnace. These simple filters are there to trap all the dirt particles that float freely in the air inside your home. These filters need to be replaced to maintain efficiency. Other filters used by portable cleaners are reusable and will need regular cleaning and washing. Some versions of a portable air cleaner utilize ion generation as a means of forcing dirt particles against the surface. If you want to ensure close to 100% removal of dirty particles from your household environment, go with a portable cleaner that uses a HEPA filter.

Air Exchanger

An air exchanger is a means of providing cleaner air to your home that usually works by being added to the existing network of ducts inside the house. An air exchanger is designed to use two fan-assisted pipes that exhaust stale air or bring fresh air into the home. A common wall is placed where these pipes pass each other and results in the transfer of up to 75% of the outgoing temperature to the incoming supply of air. The intent of an air exchanger is to exchange stale air throughout the year without expending energy by continually heating or cooling newly incoming fresh air.

Electronic Cleaners

Electronic cleaners are air filters that are built into your air flow ducts. They use a prefilter similar to the air filter already in place in your central air system to obstruct large dust particles. These filters can also be removed so that you can clean them. Another element of electronic cleaners is a metal box that holds thing metal plates. This system works through the positive and negative charging of particles in the air to force them against plate walls during their passage through the system. The result is the removal of up to 90% of airborne particles that pollute the air in your home. This particular method of providing cleaner air to your home is particularly well-suited to households containing smokers as it is very effective at removing the carcinogenic particles produced by cigarettes. There is what is potentially a significant downside to electronic cleaners: when big particles hit the plates, they produce a sound not unlike that produced when a large mosquito hits an outdoor bug zapper. This has the serious potential of driving some people crazy.

Media Cleaners

A media cleaner is an air filter that works much like a standard furnace filter. The difference is that a media cleaner filter works much more efficiently as a result of its construction. Media cleaner filters are constructed of an interlocking network of extremely small fibers that tightly folded together in an accordion-style design. The result of this construction is a filter that covers a large surface area within a tightly confined space. It is the increased density of the media cleaner filter that results in the arresting of far more dirty air particles than a standard mesh filter could ever hope to capture. Media cleaner filters are essentially ten times more efficient than standard filters. This type of method for cleaning out your air is mounted in the ductwork close to your furnace. Installation of a media cleaner filter requires alterations to your ductwork, but without the necessity for installing new wiring.