Easy Exercises for Vacation

Don’t give up your regularly scheduled exercise program just because you are going away on a trip. And those who don’t already enjoy exercise should learn the accept the benefits that a good exercise therapy program can offer while you are off a stress-filled vacation with the family. Any variety of travel puts strains on the body that may not be there during your normal daily routine. You can lessen the impact of that stress and strain by adopting a few simple techniques that can be done just about anywhere.

The feet are usually the first victims of vacation strain so it totally behooves the traveler to learn how to stave off the appearance of overwhelming discomfort down below the ankles. Remove your shoes, your socks, pantyhose or stockings and press your heels down into the floor while you lift your toes. Try to pull the toes inward toward your shins as far as possible or until the agony of the stretch becomes overbearing. Follow this by stretching the toes in the opposite direction into the floor.

Grab yourself an inflatable neck cushion before you head out the door and prepare to put it to good use. Inflate the cushion until it is at roughly three-fourths the maximum level. Stand on the cushion in your bare feet and press down with your feet in an alternate fashion if you were walking in place. The fullest benefit from this vacation exercise technique is accomplished by pressing down with the sole of your feet with enough pressure so that you can feel the air inside moving from one side to the other.

When you get back to the hotel or resort, take a couple of pillows and toss them onto the floor to create a simulated exercising step. Take a step up with one foot and then the other. Take a rest and then start over again beginning with the opposite foot. This is an exercise technique to help your legs stay in good enough shape to hit all four of Disney’s parks in one day and still be prepared to hit Downtown Disney or Pleasure Island at night.

If you are traveling across the country or out of the country by plane, you should indulge in an exercise technique designed to help you deal with the effects of having sat for ten hours in a plane or car with little relief offered in the form of standing up and stretching. Sit with one leg cross over the other and your bare foot exposed. Curl your palms into fists and give the bottom of your foot a good pounding. Make sure you make contact with the entirety of your foot; go from heel to toes or toes to heel but fit the entire foot into this exercise. Follow this up by filling the hotel tub with about two or three inches of water and sit on the edge of the tub and soak your feet in the water. Best results are obtained with cool water that is situated somewhere between cold and warm. Lift your toes and then your heels out of the water alternatively. End this vacation exercise by rotating your entire foot at the ankle.