How to Become a Ghost Hunter

Ghosts. Personally, I don’t believe in them. But they have become big business on cable TV. How many shows feature ghost hunters now? Gotta be at least a dozen or two. Every week a new episode features these ghost hunters visiting some allegedly haunted building and features at least one moment that they can’t fully explain. And yet, they never seem to be able to prove that ghosts exist at all. Why let them have all the fun and glory when you can become a ghost hunter yourself.

The first step in hunting ghosts is finding a place that is haunted. This can be a difficult task and the difficulty does not end when someone finally offers you the chance to track down their spectral visitor. Before you commit to hunting down the ghost, you should conduct some research to see if you are being played for a fool. Ask around and look into public records to see if anyone else anywhere and at any time ever reported ghostly shenanigans. To not do the research leaves you open for a complex practical joke at the expense of not only your dignity, but your credibility.

Visit the site of the alleged haunting before actually setting up shop as a ghost hunter. In the comforting brightness of daylight, look around for any signs of fakery as well as any potential dangers that may grow exponentially when you are there surrounded by the velvety comforter of nighttime. Check the footing and open doors and make sure stairs and steps are in good shape. Don’t be too obvious about checking for fakery and practical jokes. Play the believer all along until you do find evidence of being played.

Of course, there is absolutely no real reason to confine your official ghost hunting duties to nighttime. Ghosts have allegedly appeared in some places during the middle of the day. Night vision cameras are far more dramatic, however. Since your first ghost hunting experience probably won’t be filmed by a cable network crew, you should inquire about what time of the day or night the alleged haunting usually take place. If the ghost is an early bird, then that’s when you should set up shop. Don’t necessarily assume it will be a middle of the night job.

The tools and equipment of a ghost hunter basically come down to a handful of items. You will need to invest in an EMF meter, temperature thermometers, digital cameras, microphones, flashlights and comfortable clothing. The EMF meter is to ghost hunters what the whip is to Indiana Jones: don’t leave home without it. Actually, the EMF meter measures electromagnetic fields. The EMF meter informs the ghost hunter of location of sources of energy. Since ghosts apparently are never in the mood to show up as fully formed beings, you need to prove their existence via changes in the energy levels around you. Be aware that a variety of things in the typical house or place of business can contribute to changes in the electromagnetic field.

Set up the digital cameras to record the widest possible field of vision and just leave them running. Your job as a beginner ghost hunter is mainly going to involve sitting down and watching the video from beginning to end to see if the camera caught something that your human senses did not. This also applies to your audio recording equipment.

One of the best tools available to a beginner ghost hunter is patience. You will find yourself needing to sit in one place in one position for extended periods of time. You must feel comfortable talking out loud to what appears to be yourself. Maybe there is a ghost listening and maybe not. Doesn’t matter, you’ve still got to talk and engage in discourse. The audio recording may reveal something that your pathetic human ears were not capable of hearing.

A laptop comes in handy for keeping a detailed log of every moment of your ghost hunting experience. Take not of anything that seems even remotely supernatural or unexplained. If something does occur, it is up to you to debunk the solution that it was caused by a ghost. Try with all your might to find a natural cause behind any strange occurrence.

If your ghost hunt does turn up something for which you absolutely cannot explain away and that something is caught on film or audio and that something definitely is creepy enough to cause the hairs to stand up on the back of the necks of all who watch or hear it, then you have to resist the temptation to upload it onto YouTube. Instead, contact one of the few cable channels left that doesn’t offer a ghost hunting program and negotiate for your own show.