Silly Halloween Costume Ideas

One person’s idea of silly is another person’s idea of outrageous and still another person’s idea of lame. When coming up with an idea for a silly costume, don’t try to target the whimsy toward the expectations of others. Define silly on your own terms and dive headlong into making your idea become a reality that marks you as one of the most creative thinkers at the costume party or contest.

A movie poster costume can be created by buying an actual movie poster or recreating one yourself if you are handy with the tools of an artist. Pick a movie poster that features the face of a movie star roughly equal to the size of your own face. Cut the fact out from the poster so that your face will replace the movie’s star. Glue the poster to a piece of cardboard or poster board and make the necessary cut out for your face. Cut two slots at the top corners and bottom corners of the poster board and tie a piece of rope through them so that you can carry the poster in place holstered over your shoulders.

Those throwing a Halloween party/haunted house can riff on a silly costume idea that can be taken in several different directions. One of the attractions at your party should be advertised via handmade posters along the lines of something like Nature’s Greatest Freak: the Man-Eating Chicken. When guest are allowed to go behind the wall hiding this attraction from view, they will be treated to the sight of a man sitting at a table eating a piece of chicken. Optional editing of this silly costume idea can include man eating shark, man eating squid, man eating alien and so forth.

A couple showing up at a costume party can take a silly spin on classic romantic couple costume ideas. Show up Napoleon Dynamite and Josephine. Or arrive at the party as Romeo and Juliet with the twist being that he’s Juliet and she’s Romeo. Another silly idea for a couple’s costume is Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde or vice versa. Or show up as a box of French Fries and a soft drink in the packaging of your favorite fast food restaurant. Take on any famous couple and put your own creative imprint upon it.

Those who came of age following the invention of the TV have a wealth of possibilities for a silly costume idea. Pick your favorite TV character from when you were a kid and show up as how that character would appear today. Imagine a party where a 60 year old Fonzie mingles with an adult version of Opie Taylor. Get two friends and arrive at the party as the senior citizen version of Charlie’s Angels. Build yourself a cardboard open coffin in which you can walk around in order bring the long-dead Ralph Kramden or Lucy Ricardo to the party.