How to Track Down a Deadbeat Dad or Mom

Deadbeat dads and moms hate the initials URESA. This acronym stands for the Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act. This act serves to make it easier to collect your child support when the deadbeat parent moves out the state. The main problem with using URESA to collect money from a deadbeat dad or mom is that nothing is contained within the act that makes it easier to actually get your hands on the money when you cannot locate the deadbeat. Locating that deadbeat parent involves a little extra leg work. Here are some suggestions for making the parent pay up.

Former Employer
Head to the place where the deadbeat mom or dad last worked. That employer may have been informed of the new destination or even the new job site of the parent you have lost. A forwarding address is required for sending a W-2 tax form. The employer may well have been the victim of the deadbeat dad or mom himself and may be very willing to help you track the parent down.

Utilities Companies
Go to the power or gas companies that provided electricity or natural gas to the former domicile of the deadbeat parent. A forwarding address may have left with the company as a result of the person in question seeking a refund or deposit. Let the utilities company know the situation for which you see this information and they will often be ready to help you out.

Unions ain’t what they used to be, but your particular deadbeat dad or mom may have belonged to a union. A forwarding address may have been left with the union or there may be current contact between the deadbeat parent and the union. If nothing else, you might be able to wrangle out some information about the location from a former friend or enemy within that union.

Don’t underestimate the ability of using friendship to your own advantage. If the mom or dad is enough of a dog to run out on paying support for his kids, she or he may well have done something to trip up relations with the friend. You may even get lucky enough to find a friend recently in contact with the deadbeat parent at a time in which the situation has resulted in the friend not minding at all to give you the skinny. You also have the ultimate ammunition in your belt: play up the fact that the deadbeat is running out on responsibility to the kids. A friend of the deadbeat who is a parent himself or herself may place ethical behavior over friendship. It’s a worth a try, anyway.