Romantic Valentine's Night Bedroom Ideas

A romantic bedroom in which a couple can swirl and whirl about on the evening of St. Valentine’s Day is one that is easily enough concocted. The colors and textures and even the scents that go into bedroom décor can all be exploited for the purpose of generating steam heat and profound romantic attachment. A romantic bedroom is a place not just for the axiomatic lovemaking, but for deep, long kisses lasting all night and the soft touch of warm breath on the back of the neck. This can all be yours just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, which means any day you are reading this, even February 15.

The romantic bedroom is one that instills a sense of intimacy and does indeed generate the pumping of blood throughout the body enough to make you flush with the desire for your loved one. A good way to get started on creating a St. Valentine’s Day treat in the form of a bedroom so romantic that you will never want to leave it is to begin with the colors that have been psychologically tested for their ability to instill that sense of intimacy. Look for deep reds and reddish pinks as the colors to incorporate into the bedroom. You might be surprised to find that a touch of purple can have significantly romantic effects upon the psychology of your romantic impulses. The reds for are for those lovers for whom St. Valentine’s Day spent in the bedroom is a marathon to test the very limits of the human body’s abilities.

One can go another direction when choosing colors for a romantic bedroom. Go with softly decorated blues and creamy whites to bring about sheer romance. The passion of the reds and pinks and purple gives way from steamy, sweat-drenched workouts to the lingering gaze in the mirror at the person behind you. The blue bedroom for St. Valentine’s Day avoids the obvious and goes for the subtle: an ankle bracelet, a quick mist of perfume in the right place or the silky discovery of what lies beneath pajamas of the type found in the back of Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood.

The texture of St. Valentine’s Day can be incorporated into your romantic bedroom design courtesy of red velvet drapes, slippery satin sheets and sheer muslin canopies of white embracing the blue bed beneath. Your romance in the bedroom means doing away with the glare of old-fashioned light bulbs from above. St. Valentine’s Day’s night is a time to experiment with the visual texture of a flickering flame that occasionally toss a shadow onto the lusty visage of your romantic partner, but then flickers to illuminate that partner in all his or her glory. If you can’t go for the idea of lighting your romantic bedroom with candles, install shade wall lights wit a dimmer switch that lets you keep some things secret or let it all hang out for view.