Home Treatment for Flatfootedness

Flatfootedness is not usually a dangerous condition, but it can result in severe discomfort and keep those afflicted from enjoying games and sports as much as possible. Some treatments for flatfootedness include orthotic inserts, shoe cushions and pads. Supports for the fallen arches are another means of treating flatfootedness. Other form of treatment are things that you can do yourself.

The most important way to treat flatfootedness is to get shoes that fit properly. You want to avoid shoes that don’t have arch support constructed into their architecture. Flatfooted sufferers looking to engage in athletic activities should especially look for sneakers that provide a healthy amount of arch support. As long as you are hellbent on engaging in recreational activities with your flat feet, you can increase the chances of enjoyment by buying shoes specific to the action. In other words, get actual tennis shoes if you are going to be playing tennis. Buy running shoes instead of walking shoes if you plan on jogging rather than briskly walking. Matching the construction of the shoe to movements necessary to engage in the sport will help flatfooted athletes rise to the occasion.

Women with flat feet will not want to hear this, but it’s true: avoid high heel shoes. Yes, high heel shoes make legs look longer and leaner and push your bottom higher, but in the process you are ruining any chance you have for a future free from foot pain. If you must go with a heel, stick with shoes under one inch. If you just can’t keep from wearing higher heels, then at least try to find high heeled shoes that offer some degree of support beneath your arches. Also buy up a size so that you can place a half-insole to help keep your foot inside the shoe where it should be rather than slip-sliding around.

No shoes, no shirt, no service. Keep your shirt on, but head out barefoot as often as possible for service. Walking around barefoot will help to make your foot muscles stronger and thus provide better support. If you live near a beach, the very best thing you can do to treat your flatfootedness is to give yourself an hour to walk up and down a beautiful stretch of sandy beach. The stronger you can make your feet muscles, the better off your flat feet will serve you down the road.

If you don’t have easy access to a beach, you are not quite out of luck. Exercises can replace a romantic barefoot walk on the beach. Simple foot exercises like rotating your ankle first one and then the next are effective exercises for those with flat feet. Another good exercise is one that you can turn into a game: try picking up a marble off the floor using just your toes. See how many times you can successfully pick up the marble without it slipping from your toe’s grasp. Believe it or not, but both these home treatments for flatfootedness are effective at strengthening the muscles of your tired dogs.