Peter Pan Begins…

In “Batman Begins” movie audiences were treated to the story of how Bruce Wayne became the caped crusader. “Peter Pan Begins” is a movie in the earliest stages of development that will clue moviegoers in on the story of the kid who refused to grow up before he met Wendy and the gang. Channing Tatum, Billy Ray and Joe Roth are all in on the plan.

No insight into how Peter Pan actually will begin, but one certainly hopes that this movie will give us the inside skinny on the complex relationship between Peter and Tinker Bell. Just in case you weren’t aware, the Tinker Bell of the original J.M. Barrie story was not the cute little Marilyn Monroe-esque ball of light who you root for so much that you clap your hands wildly when she appears to be dying in order to resurrect her. Read closely Barrie’s story and you’ll find that Tink appeals to one of the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy in the heart. As if that weren’t enough, the jealous little fairy then makes it seem as though the hit on Wendy was handed down by Peter.

So you can clearly see that there is the potential for much more complexity in a movie about Peter Pan’s early days than you might imagine. Potential is one thing, but reality is another. No information at all has been given about what may wind up in “Peter Pan Begins,” but with a little hope and a dash of intelligence, the result could very well wind up being better than the recent live action retelling of Peter’s story. “Peter Pan” gives you two reasons to spend time with it: Jason Isaac’s fleshing out of Capt. Hook and Ludivine Sagnier’s simply stunning realization of Tinker Bell. You can imagine this Tink calling for the head of Wendy Darling. Oh, boy, can you imagine it.

In fact, one might even suggest to Tatum, Ray and Roth that they pull Sagnier back into her fairy costume. That particular addition to “Peter Pan Begins” automatically places it on the hopeful list. A script that delivers on the promise of telling how a little boy decided not to grow up and met a psychotically possessive sprite places “Peter Pan Begins” on the must-see list.