Bathroom Decorating Tips

Decorating a bathroom begins with making a list of what you desire and what you can really hope to accomplish. The decorative choices that you make will also depend upon whether it is a guest, master, kids’ or primary bathroom. Any plans for remodeling or renovation needs to take into account how current lighting, plumbing and wiring may be affected. You will also need to consider how décor changes will affect time spent inside the room since you don’t want to beautify the bathroom at the expense of making you comfortable.

High quality materials like marble, terrazzo and ceramic tile can be effectively used to make a bathroom feel more elegant and stylish, but at a significant price. A more affordable way to get a similar upscale ambiance is to use less expensive material like vinyl tile that simulates more expensive stone.

Decorative additions to a bathroom window can transform the room significantly. Curtains and shades are all in play for trying out painting techniques using stamps and stencils. Avoid frustration and a waste of money by first trying out your stamping and stenciling on fabric scraps before attempting them on the real thing.

Application of ceramic tile around sinks and bathtubs can create a seamless decorative effect. This seamless approach hits an obstacle when the actual seam between the fixture and wall is constructed of a dark line. This obstacle can easily be addressed by choosing a caulk that is tinted to match the same color of the tile and tub or sink.

Small bathroom decoration can also achieve the effect of making the space seem bigger. When choosing to remodel the décor inside a small bathroom, take out the larger sink and vanity and install a pedestal sink that not only provides a little more elbow room, but gives the space a greater sense of style.

A dramatic dash of affordable color can be added to make a monochromatic bathroom design stand out even more. This decorative addition can be inexpensively brought off by introducing vividly colored towels, washrags or shower curtain.

Decorating a vintage or retro bathroom can become a very expensive endeavor if you choose to use authentic furnishings. A much more affordable option that will still allow you to successfully recreate a certain time period is to shop for reproductions. If you can’t find any adequate reproductions in your town, look into catalogs and internet suppliers to fulfill your needs.

The choice of paint you use for decorating a bathroom is often more important that the choice for painting other rooms. Opt for paints that are resistant to mildew to withstand the humid conditions inside the bathroom. A semigloss paint can prove more durable than other types of paint and that makes it a good choice for cabinets that will require regular cleaning.