Best Flowers to Choose for Your Landscape Design

The best flowers to choose for your landscaping design is going to depend significantly on the type of landscaping you have in mind. Since you are a very smart person, you already know that not every flower is appropriate for every landscaping and gardening scheme. It certainly behooves you to take into consideration your goals and desires for the landscape. Another way to choose the best flowers for the job is to match the type of plant to any specific problems your landscape presents.

Trees, buildings and other structures can all combine to create the problem of dealing with an overabundance of shade on a landscape. To meet this particular problem means choosing the best flowers available that can prosper in shady areas. Annuals that can thrive without too much sun include impatiens, sweet alyssum and pansy. Bulbs for shady areas range from summer snowflake to lily-of-the-valley. Many perennials can become a part of a landscape dealing with shade including primroses, foxglove, Japanese anemone and bugbanes.

Dramatic landscaping need not be accomplished by taking advantage of the colors of flowers. A monochromatic landscape design that matches white flowers with dark structures can be quite striking. An abundance of white flowers are at your disposal to bring off this scheme including goat’s beard, Allegheny foamflower, rose campion, August lily, cupflower, reticulated iris and crocus.

A bog garden allows you to take advantage of the transition from a wetland to a dryland. The best flowers to utilize in this landscaping concept are perennials capable of blooming from early spring to fall with the addition of an annual and bulb or two. Perennials to consider include cardinal flower, yellow flag iris, marsh marigold and turtle-head. Add an annual like monkey flower and a Canada lily bulb for variety.

An eye toward landscaping with a garden designed to attract the beauty of hummingbirds in flight can extend well past hanging sugar containers from the porch. Many flowers are especially suitable for attracting these tiny birds that add visual excitement to the yard. The best perennials for a hummingbird garden include Virginia bluebells, bleeding heart, strawberry foxglove and columbine. Hummingbirds are also drawn to annuals like red salvis and morning glory.

The design of a formal rose garden can lend a symmetrical element to your landscape as well as provide it with bright colors and pleasing fragrances. Among the best roses to include in a formal garden are miniature roses like Sgt. Pepper and cartwheel as well as hybrid tea roses like tropicana and Mr. Lincoln. Bordering and edging flowers to add to the formal structure ranges from perennials like horned violet to annuals like flossflower.