Tips on Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance inside the home represents a collection of skills that is especially useful to acquire. Cleaning, repair and general maintenance of this essential appliance can mean not only a more comfortable living environment, but significant savings on potential energy costs if these tips and pieces of advice are not followed.

The building up of dirt, grease and grime on the coils of a central air conditioner’s outside condenser unit can result in a significant reduction in efficiency. Use a soft brush to clean away loose particles. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can be effective in giving the coils a deeper cleaning.

While you are out there cleaning the condenser coils, bring along a level tool. The condenser must be perfectly level in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Place the level across the unit lengthwise and then across the width. A condenser that isn’t level can be made so by placing a wood shim beneath one side.

Regularly maintaining the air filter is an important element to keeping both a central unit and a window unit operating effectively. Remove the filters and inspect them for dirt and dust. Replace a filter that isn’t reusable and wash and dry a reusable filter before placing it back into its spot.

Unplug a window air conditioner and get someone to help you remove it from the window. Place the air conditioner outdoors if possible and remove the front panel and air filter so that you have exposed the evaporator fins and coils. Vacuum the fins and wash the coils with a garden hose. Put the unit back together and place back into position only after it has been allowed to completely dry.

Unobstructed air flow is the lifeblood for both window units and central air conditioner systems. You can ensure that air flow remains clear and efficient by heading outdoors and removing any object that may be blocking the air. Look for trees, bushes, fences or anything else that can be an impediment.

Air flow is vital indoors as well. Curtains, furniture and décor could be blocking air ducts through which cold air flows. An audit of every room that takes you to every duct can help you find these obstructions that should then be removed or otherwise fixed.

One potentially useful means of maintaining the effectiveness of a central system is occasionally peering inside the outdoor condenser unit. Any object that is causing the blades of the fan inside to not operate smoothly can result in a lack of efficient operation of your air conditioner. Look for twigs, branches, fallen leaves, toys or anything else that could slip through the grille and obstruct peak operation of the fan. If you find anything, turn off the system, remove the top panel and extricate the obstruction.