5 Great Home Redecorating Ideas

Great ideas for decorating the rooms of your house can be found all around you. The secret to choosing a great redecorating tip is to make sure that it is applicable to your situation. Don’t be tempted to try something that just isn’t suitable for your needs.

5. Molding
One great redecorating tip guaranteed to increase the elegance of any room is to add molding. Options include crown molding, chair molding, baseboard molding and window molding. While not exactly cheap, adding molding is a very affordable way to redecorate your home in a way that transforms its entire ambiance.

4. Take a Chance on Vibrancy
Sometimes you just have to let go of preconceived notions when you start planning to redecorate a room in the house. While looking at paint or wallpaper, check out the more whimsical or seemingly crazy patterns or colors. The addition of offbeat wallpaper patterns or paint colors to just one wall inside a room can have an enormously transformative effect. The same deal goes with choosing some flooring that you might not necessarily have put at the top of your list.

3. Secondhand Junk Put to New Use
Head to your area’s junk stores, flea markets and antique shops to browse around for items and decorative objects you won’t find in the newer stores. Look for something old that can be made new. For instance, solid wood table legs can be recycled into a chandelier. A discarded cheese grater can make a weird but entertaining wall sconce. Photos from old glamour magazines can make a very cheap but striking wallpaper.

2. Retro, Not Vintage
Going for vintage d©cor when you are redecorating your house can quickly become an expensive endeavor. It makes far more sense from a budgetary point of view to choose new reproductions of vintage furniture and accessories. Another effective element in choosing retro reproductions over actual vintage furnishings and accessories is that they are much easier to track down.

1. Silhouetting
Sure, you aren’t exactly going to have a piece of your artwork hanging in the Louvre, but then again you have to be endowed with great talent to pull off a silhouette. The addition of a silhouette figure on the walls here and there throughout the house creates a definite motif that just about anyone can do. Redecorating your home with the addition of silhouettes is as simple as holding up the object and tracing its outline on the wall before painting in the solid color innards.