Halloween Costume Ideas: Contrast Your Real Personality

Costume ideas are not just for Halloween parties. You may find you need a costume idea for a number of other occasions that require you to appear dressed up in regalia. Still, Halloween is the number one occasion for dressing up as something you are not. Remember the wise words of Lucy Van Pelt: a person should wear a costume that contrasts your own personality. Here are some great ideas for a costume sure to present a contrast to a number of personalities.

Pregnant Bride of Frankenstein

This costume for Halloween or a wedding shower combines three popular ideas: the pregnant bride, the corpse bride and, of course, the future wife of the Creature. The iconic version of the Bride of Frankenstein includes a fright wig with a lightning bolt of gray. Keep in mind that the Bride of Frankenstein was constructed from a corpse just like her future mate, meaning you can use your imagination to tailor the costume to look as though it belongs to a bride who died. Then, of course, you can add a pillow or other protruding object beneath the wedding gown to indicate a future little Frankenstein’s creature bun in the oven.

The Roaring Twenties

The 1920’s offers a wealth of flashy costume ideas. You don’t even need to wait around for Halloween to contrast your personality with these costume concepts. Think back to the representative figures of the 1920’s: the gangster, the flapper, the college guy in the heavy raccoon coat. Gangsters never look so natty as during the 1920’s when your costume will reflect the wingtip shoes, spats and wide lapels. For women, the flapper costume means fringe swinging back and forth, long pearl necklaces and hair cut into a short bob. As for that college guy, finding a full length raccoon coat may be difficult, but not impossible.

Sci-Fi Blender

A great costume idea can often mean the iconoclastic choice of not choosing sides. Star Trek or Star Wars? Who cares? How about both? Show up in costume that features a Star Trek shirt, a light saber in your hand and Tom Baker’s long, flowing Dr. Who scarf trailing behind you. Wear a Darth Vader helmet over a homemade robot costume. Worlds not only can, but should collide in this costume choice. The best all worlds is showing up in a sci-fi blended costume at a geeky party where some guests actually know things like the name of Mr. Spock’s pet sehlat.

Electric Football Game Player

A Halloween costume party attended by a number of people of a certain age or a retro party celebrating the 70’s are both ideal for showing up in this costume. You need only find an old football uniform from a team that played during the early 1970’s to get started. The centerpiece of this costume can be found beneath your feet. If you aren’t familiar with electric football, the players all posed on rectangular stand that moved in concert with the rhythm of electrical current being supplied to a metal field. You can choose whatever you want to create the base out of; the tricky part is making it mobile. Don’t forget to paint it green and to practice your method of locomotion that looks as though you are shakily proceeding forward or around and around in circles.

Fads by the Decade

Fads come and go. Some stick in the craw of your memory while others leave until they return to consciousness via some TV program celebrating forgotten fads. Much like the sci-fi blender costume idea, fads by the decade focuses more on putting together a collection of selected fads so that you are representative of an era. 1980’s: Slap bracelets, deely-bobbers, Rubik’s Cube, Michael Jackson’s glove, Madonna’s bustier, Cabbage Patch Kids, Teenage Mutant Ninjas and leg warmers. 1970’s: Pet Rock, hot pants, platform shoes, leisure suits, mood rings and streaking. 1960’s: bouffant hair, tie-dye clothing, Nehru jacket, go-go boots, troll dolls and lava lites. 1950’s: poodle skirts, coonskin caps, 3-D glasses, hula-hoop, greasy pompadours and saddle shoes.

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from: Pierre Silber