The Best Episodes of the ‘The Simpsons’ Featuring Martin Prince

The fourth episode of the 23rd season of “The Simpsons” is that is a rarity over the last ten year. Springfield Elementary’s biggest nerd, Martin Prince, featured heavily in the story. The first ten years of “The Simpsons” saw Martin play a large part in several classic episodes. And then, like Mr. Burns, Apu and Barney, Martin just seemed to disappear into the background to be brought out only for a quip or one liner or when the bullies needed a punching bag. “Replaceable You” will not go down in history as a archetypal Martin–centric episode, but it was still very nice to see him for more than a few minutes. If you really want to see a classic Martin Prince episode, check these out. 

Three Men and a Comic Book 

All the way back in season 2, Simpsons fans were treated to what would become a touchstone episode. Martin joins in with Bart and Milhouse to buy a rare comic book. The episode becomes a parody of the movie “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” in which greed and paranoia conspire to make the entire enterprise a waste of time and money. This episode features one of all time classic Martin Prince quotes when Bart asks a hogtied Martin to tell Milhouse what they do with squealers: “I don’t know. Is it worse than what you do with people who have to go to the bathroom?” 

Saturdays of Thunder 

Martin Prince is not really at the center of this episode, but he plays a pivotal role and is given a great visual gag that is heightened by the voiceover accompaniment. You see, the kids in Springfield are all agog over a soap box derby race. Bart’s cart is pure crap while Martin’s rocket car, dubbed the Honor Roller and one of the vehicles available in the video game “Simpsons Hit and Run,” is too fast for the boy. An accident at the end of one of the heats provides the hilarious visual gag of Martin running screaming from his burning car and also takes Martin out of the game. Bart fills in, giving Martin a great line about ballast. Show a little trust in believing that the word ballast can provide a humorous punch. 

Dial “N” For Nerder 

One of the more recent episodes in which Martin Prince plays a leading role, despite the fact that he appears to die early on. Don’t worry, it was all a big misunderstanding the route from seeming accident death to resurrection places Martin front and center for the last time until “Replaceable You” came along.  


Bart on the Road

Bart on the Road 

While not really a Martin-centric story, the episode where Bart gets a fake I.D. and drives three of his friends on an ill-fated road trip to the World’s Fair in Knoxville many years after it was actually held does feature one of the best of those sublime moments of subtle humor in the episode. To merely write cannot convey the full humor of the scene because it is an example of tone as humor. Suffice to say that Bart temporarily mistaking Martin’s first name as Milton is the stuff of which funny is made, however.