Maintenance to Keep to Your Clothes Dryer Efficient

Clothes Dryer Lint Vent Trap Cleaner Brush

The lowly clothes dryer may doesn’t get the respect it deserves and only seems to get the attention of its owner when it starts delivering wet clothes at the end of a long, hot cycle. Regular maintenance can keep that day away longer that just tomorrow. So, Annie, are you prepared to provide routine and regular maintenance to your clothes dryer in order to make sure it works at peak efficiency? Well, are you, punk? Annie? Huh?

Clean Lint Screen Before Every Load

You’d be amazed at just how much harder your clothes dryer has to work to achieve the same result when the lint screen hasn’t been cleaned off. Get into the habit of making sure that you clean away the lint screen every single time before you crank the ON handle. Even if there is only a little bit of lint on the screen, remove it. Keeping a lint screen clean means a much more efficient drying of your clothes and that’s what a clothes dryer is all about, right? You want to know just how clean your lint screen is? Place it under a running faucet. If the water beads up on the lint screen, the lint area is probably clogged with fibers. Give the lint screen a thorough scrubbing with water and detergent if this is the case.

Vacuum Beneath the Dryer

Two or three times a year, should pull the dryer out of its solitary hole and run a vacuum on the spot where the dryer used to set. Be sure to tip the dryer up and vacuum the actual bottom of the dryer as well. Lint, my friends, is your enemy when it comes to clothes dryers. Lint is like a combination of Jack Torrance, the Alien and Rush Limbaugh all rolled up into one beastly creature determined to upset the balance of power you hold over the ability to dry your clothes.

Dryer Ducts

The dryer ducts are another source of cloggage that you want to clean out. Buy yourself a duct brush with a long enough handle to snake up into the ducts and give a thorough cleaning. Just in case I didn’t make myself clear: lint is the enemy and cleaning is the cure. The more lint and clogged material you can remove from the process under which a clothes dryer operates, the quicker your clothing will actually dry. Big deal, says you? Okay, Annie, guess which home appliance is behind only the refrigerator and dishwasher (not your son, but a mechanized dishwasher) in terms of how much electricity it uses. If you can find a way to clean clothes faster inside your clothes dryer, guess what that results in. More money for you spend on stuff you don’t need and less money you have to pay to the big fat CEO of your electric or gas company.

Avoid Fabric Softener Sheets

Okay, we have established beyond a doubt that lint is the enemy of the clothes dryer being able to perform like 007. Let’s call lint, Dr. Lintesbahd. Well, guess what. Dr. Lintesbahd is replaced in the sequel when 007 fights The Evil Fabric Softener Sheets What’s so bad about fabric softener sheets? They produce material that will clog up your exhaust vent. A clogged exhaust event on a clothes dryer is….what?

The Enemy Within.