I Melt With You: Latest Movie Titled After New Wave Song

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“I Melt With You” is just one example of an increasingly popular trend in the world of moviemaking. More and more titles are being inspired by New Wave songs of the 1980s. What may be most troubling is how few movies that get their titular inspiration from the great songs of the 1980s seem to have much of anything to do with the actual content of the song. Ah well, one thing leads to another when it comes to contemplation of the fact that this is not a love song.

I Melt with You

The video for Modern English’s song was for many a real eye opener about just how far hairstyles had come circa the early 1980s. While A Flock of Seagulls would put the kibosh forever on the idea that male hairstyles had to be limited by that bitchy little law known as gravity, it was this video that really opened up some eyes and forever changed the course of haircuts. “I Melt With You” features a quartet of men old enough to have been inspired by the video of the song that gives the movie its title, but any connection appears to be stop there. Rather than stopping the world and melting with the love of their life, the characters in “I Melt With You” party with younger chicks and give in to middle age disillusionment.

Come on Eileen

You could barely travel anywhere in your car for an hour without hearing that Irish fiddle announcing the arrival of this song by Dexy’s Midnight Runners in 1982. In 2010 a movie titled “Come On Eileen” seemed to bear little if any resemblance to the lyrics about the girl who inspires dirty thoughts and means everything. The movie titled after this 1980s New Wave standard is a domestic drama about facing the past. It also features Noel Fielding from “The Mighty Boosh” so it’s got that going for it. By the way, “Come On Eileen” is one of those rare instances where a cover version outshines the original. Check out the remake by Save Ferris here; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every song is better when done in ska.

A Bizarre Love Triangle

Modesty prevents me from admitting that I wrote a novel titled “Bizarre Love Triangle” so I won’t admit it. “A Bizarre Love Triangle” adds an indefinite article to the title of the New Order song, but the concept remains valid. As is so often the case with New Order’s lyrics, the title really has only a tenuous connection with the lyrical content and much the same can be said of the Korean film that co–opts the title. Well, that’s not entirely true; in fact, to suggest that the story that flows over you in this movie that takes its title from a 1980s New Wave song is bizarre is to undercut the viability of the definition of the word bizarre. Some movies you just have to see in order to fully appreciate its utter weirdness and “A Bizarre Love Triangle” just so happens to be one of those movies. Of course, this is not the original Korean title, but I do not have enough leeway in terms of word count to give an accurate translation of the original Korean title. Seriously, man, it’s long!