How to Avoid a Beating by a Bully

Bullying is on the rise. Psycho behavior by drug-addled miscreants is always a threat. Right-wing nutjobs are ready to attack anyone who isn’t wearing parroting lines fed them by idiots and scoundrels. The point is that you should always be ready to defend yourself when you are being attacked. You may not possess the skills to fight

back successfully, but you can learn how to avoid taking a savage beating with a few common sense tips.

Turn to the Side

When punches come, you want to avoid a direct hit. Watch a boxing match to learn how to position your body so that punches can be deflected from the body. Give someone who is attacking you a view of your profile rather than a head-on picture and you will save yourself some pain and misery. Turning to the side gives your opponent a smaller target to hit effectively. Turning to side provides added protection to your delicate internal organs. Turning to side also gives you greater balance by providing the opportunity to brace yourself with your back foot.

Make Like Brad Pitt

Okay, so you don’t have abs like Brad Pitt. Who does? But you can learn a lot of Brad Pitt and his amazing stomach muscles. You know how you stand in front the mirror and tighten your abs and stick out your chest so that you kinda sorta look like you’re in Pitt shape? That’s what you need to do when you are attacked. Tightening your ab muscles makes your stomach a harder target. Tightened abs also provide an extra measure of protection for those delicate organs located behind them like the spleen and liver. When you sense a stomach blow coming, make it hard by making them hard.

Don’t Draw Back Your Head

A common mistake among those trying to get out of being hit hard in a fight is to throw back the head when they see a fist coming in toward the face. Getting hit while moving your head backward can result in a kind of whiplash that leads to getting knocked out easier. Falling as a result of this can result in a concussion. The better strategy seems unlikely, but it works: move your head toward the incoming fist. You’re going to take a shot to the head regardless so take the opportunity to use your much harder skull as a weapon against the far less protected fingers of your opponent. Not only does moving your head into the punch reduce the risk of whiplash, you deflect much of the power of the incoming punch and if done with enough force, you can at least temporarily hurt your opponent’s fingers enough to create a moment of doubt and surprise in which you can run away.

Control Your Breathing

One good way to reduce the potential for taking a serious beating is to control your breathing. Don’t hold your breath and don’t give in to heavy breathing. Lungs filled with air increase the chance for having that wind knocked out of you with a blow to the chest. Losing control of your breathing during a fight means losing precious energy that you need to put into protecting yourself. Try to stay calm and breath slowly and regularly to conserve energy that may be put to better use by taking advantage of the moment when your opponent gets out of breath.