With Whom Has Lisa Simpson Been Romantically Involved?

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Ever notice that Leonard on “The Big Bang Theory” has a pretty impressive sex life for a nerd who supposedly never had much of a love life before Penny moved in across the hall? Well, Lisa Simpson has had a pretty full love life not only for a nerd and an outcast, but for an eight year old girl.


Lisa Simpson’s lamest boyfriend is, appropriately, linked to Ernest Hemingway in the episode “The Daughter Also Rises. The most overrated American writer of all time is here personified in the person of Nick, a young boy whom Lisa meets through a crack in the booth at a restaurant. Like Hemingway, he blows his manly accomplishments way out of proportion and turns out, like Hemingway, to be a major losers.

Nelson Muntz

Perhaps the most unlikely of Lisa Simpson’s boyfriends is Nelson Muntz. Until you start to peer past the fact that Nelson sure is ugly. The episode in which Lisa and Nelson dates is an all time classic, but the most interesting thing is that the temporary explicit connection between the smart girl and the dumb bully has been revisited implicitly several times. Even some of the episodes that show what Lisa’s future might be have included the potential for a revisitation of the romance between them.


A one-shot romance doomed to fail. Thelonius is the male doppelganger of Lisa Simpson and an iconoclastically narcissistic perfection of romantic ideal based on the inescapable fact that Lisa loves herself above all. And why not? Thelonius is smart, esoteric, an outcast and a lover of music. Unfortunately, he goes to West Springfield Elementary so their love can only be part of a “Trilogy of Error.”

Luke Stetson

Lisa Simpson falling for a junior wrangler at a dude ranch? Whaaaaaat? Well, sir, it happened. Lisa’s renowned love of ponies took a back seat to the hat-wearing fella teaching homesteaders how to ride a horse. And if only her jealousy had not gotten the better of her, instead of saying “Dude, Where’s My Ranch” she might have been calling that dude ranch her home away from home.


Lisa has been the Laura Winslow to Milhouse’s Steve Urkel for two decades. And then, just as happened at the end of that romance, everything came up Milhouse. Or, well, I mean, you know. Everything came up Urkel first, but eventually everything came up Milhouse. Read all about this groundbreaking event by clicking on the link below.