March 22 International Goof Off Day

March 22 is International Goof Off Day. It’s not an official holiday, of course, and the reality is that pretty much any day is acceptable for goofing off. But if you are the strictly anal type who must get some sort of even unofficial conferral of approval, then set your sights on March 22 as the day on which you can goof off. If you need some ideas on how to go about goofing off, here are some classic movies about that very thing.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

When you think of movies about goofing off, you have to begin with Bueller. Bueller. Bueller. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is the template for taking the day off from school to goof off and show an uptight friend how to relax and take it easy. toward enjoying a day of goofing off. If you are scared of getting caught by your boss or the principal and aren’t willing to do those things you really want to do, then you really aren’t goofing off.


Here is a movie that is perfect for International Goof Off Day because it reveals how a certain type of group of friends can transform the act of just goofing off together into an elemental aspect of the maturity process. “Diner” is about friends who are just kind of floating through life with various levels of purpose and ambition.

Everything comes together at the titular eating establishment, the purity of simply hanging out and goofing around an integral part of their lives. Goofing off becomes a way of shaping their personalities and molding their character. That may be the exact opposite of what goofing off should be, but it proves that what sometimes seems like a waste of time is not what it seems at all.

“A Thousand Clowns”
If “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is about one person teaching another the value of goofing off as a way of battling against life’s unpleasantness and “Diner” is about how goofing off can shape one’s character, then “A Thousand Clowns” is a portrait of goofing off taken to the level of making one an iconoclastic non-conformist. Jason Robards plays a former TV writer who has turned his back on the capitalist imperative to get ahead in life, deciding instead to focus on simply enjoying life. That enjoyment comes about through the process of taking the act of goofing off to the level of art.

Don’t watch “A Thousand Clowns” on International Goof Off Day if you are at a particularly subversive moment in your life. You might just find yourself choosing to live a life of goofing off and tossing social mobility into the junkyard of your past.