High Income Careers

Everybody wants to plug into a career that offers high pay, but where do you start? Just look around you and use your existing talents to find a lucrative career that you will also enjoy going to every day. Out there in the big world you can find careers that will serve your financial and economic needs quite well. In fact, some jobs out there pay quite well.


Physicist jobs are not for everybody, of course. It takes years of college and training to get to where the dollars might be, but physics can be a path to a high paying career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that even physicists who are not appearing on TV shows on the Science Channel can expect to haul in fifty grand a year. Jobs as a physicists vary considerably according to the type of physics involved and its application.

Cinematographers and Camera Operators

Those cameramen working at the very top of the business are among the highest paid technicians in the movie business. More than a few cinematographers started out as lowly camera operators. Even though the camera operator is a kind of entry point into the business, the median salary ranges in the middle of the $40,000 range. You may think that these jobs are few and far between if you head to your local Cineplex, but keep in mind that most films that Hollywood produces never even make to the theater in smaller markets. That means that openings do exist for camera operators and cinematographers.


Just about any career in the medical field is going to be a high paying career until we get actual health care reform. That will never happen in America, so go for broke. Cardiologists come in at a median salary around $300,000 and the top cardiologists in the country can pull in half a million a year or more. The job of the cardiologist is to perform heart surgery and transplants. This means you need to prepare for significant educational and training time before you start raking in those bucks.

Commercial Airline Pilots

Ah, to go back to the 1960s when commercial airline pilot was considered almost as alluring as movie actor. Today, the pilot doesn’t have the cache it used to, but the pay is still high. Smack in the middle of salaries for pilots of those big jet planes is around $120,00. Experience and age can get you closer to $200,000. The best training ground for becoming a commercial airline pilot remains joining the Air Force or Navy and learning how to fly a much smaller jet.


Physics is the only place to find a high paying job in the science field. The career of hydrologist may not be nearly as well known as the rest on this list, but median earnings tally around $70,000 and that ain’t not bad. What is a hydrologist? This scientician is vital to American civilization because he commits his brain to figuring out hot to improve irrigation systems, react to flooding, maintain soil erosion and dispose of hazardous waste.