Celebrate Drive-In Movie Day June 6 with These Drive-in Movie Movies

You don’t need to locate a drive-in movie theater to celebrate Drive-In Movie Day on June 6. While the actual act of driving into a theater to watch the action flickering on massive screens is certainly an elemental part of the experience, the type of movie you watch really defines the experience.

Besides, the lack of bench seats in today’s cars makes going to the drive-in pretty much a waste for anything other than actually watching the film. Pull up your couch, slide next to your loved one(s), and watch an old-fashioned drive-in movie movie on your widescreen TV set. Here are some drive-in movie movies to get your started. Your choice of bench-style seating is up to you.

“Creature From the Black Lagoon”

Creature features were a mainstay of the drive-in theater experience, and if you are really going to celebrate Drive-In Movie Day you have to add a monster move. The public domain streaming channel Drive-In Classics offers “Creature From the Black Lagoon” in 3-D, which can be enjoyed with old-fashioned red/blue 3-D glasses.

“Creature From the Black Lagoon” is just as enjoyable in only two dimensions, although wives and girlfriends might not appreciate the long, lingering looks that Julie Adams gets in her simple but effective white swimsuit.

“She-Devils on Wheels”

What the creature features were to 1950s drive-in movie theaters, biker movies were to 1960s drive-in screens. Celebrate Drive-In Movie Day with a biker chick gang called — get this — the Man Eaters!

Like most of the 1960’s biker movies featuring chick gangs, “She-Devils on Wheels” is most fervently enjoyed late at night with all the lights off when you are near exhaustion. If you can’t locate a copy of “She-Devils on Wheels,” then you should go with the “The Mini-Skirt Mob.” When it comes to reinventing the drive-in movie experience of the 1960’s, these biker chick gang flicks are almost as good as creature features.

“Silent Scream”

By the end the 1980’s, you were hard pressed to find a drive-in movie movie; drive-in theaters had almost ceased to exist. The last movie I ever saw at a drive-in theater was “Silent Scream.”

The end of the heyday of the drive-in theater coincided with the rise of the slasher film. “Silent Scream” is actually one of the more subtle examples, but still creepy enough to make that bench seat known as your sofa work its drive-in magic. “Silent Scream” may also be boring enough for you to accomplish the same drive-in theater effect.