Should Bill Murray win the Nobel Peace Prize?

There are those who thought that Barack Obama became the least deserving recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize when he won it. True, the stupid and illegal wars inculcated by the Bush Cabal have still not come to an end, but just think how many other wars Bush might have started that Obama did not. Regardless of your politics, you have to agree that Bill Murray would be a more deserving recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? Before that question is answered, let’s review. The Nobel Peace Prize has been handed out for a century now, give or take. And during those one-hundred years—give or take—the earth has known global peace for what…a year or two? Maybe. The Nobel Peace Prize has gone to men and women who did actually bring peace to certain specific places, but in general it has been the Nobel award most likely to be given on the basis of good intentions rather than cold hard results.

For that reason, I believe Bill Murray should be awarded the Nobel Prize. If not for peace, then for some dang reason. Murray’s open resistance to jumping on the rather lame bandwagon that basically consists of one participant—Dan Aykroyd—to make “Ghostbusters 3” is to be commended. Murray’s intentions seem honorable. He doesn’t want to be involved with a movie that currently has a script apparently even less funny than “Ghostbusters 2.” Bill Murray is certainly living the good life, but that fact alone has rarely been enough to stop actors who should know better from making a sequel in which the size of their paycheck is at all point along the process more impressive than the quality of the screenplay. Maybe Murray is comfortable with his level of wealth. Or maybe, just maybe, he would prefer not to be involved with a project that, as of now at least, would seem to one day exist only for the same of commercialism than for any obvious aesthetic reason.

Kevin Jagernauth, writing for The PlayList, suggesting that a far more promising concept for a film would be a found footage movie literally based on authentically unscripted things that Bill Murray does as Bill Murray. He was kidding—I think—but then again I imagine that the entire idea for “Your Highness” started out as some stoned losers sitting around kidding. True, that turned out as well as we might expect “Ghostbusters 3” would, but then again it featured Danny McBride trying to act instead of Bill Murray just doing stuff.

A found footage documentary of Bill Murray would not only be funnier than “Your Highness” because, well, what wouldn’t be, but it would be funnier than the original “Ghostbusters.” And what better way to end it than with Murray picking up his Nobel Peace Prize for his peaceful intentions to put an end to Hollywood’s ongoing war against good sense.